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By solshakdwn ·
Can someone please help me with setting up remote administration or desktop for my home network. I have 2 laptop, 1 desktop pcs running vista home premium and 1 desktop running xp pro service pack 3. I would like to be able to remotely connect to either pc from anywhere and not just at my local network. I am looking to also connect via the web. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Remote administration/des ...

Google the above Vnc download then download it and read how to set it up, very straight forward.

Hope this helps

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Adito web-based VPN (free)

by robo_dev In reply to VNC

it has plug-ins for Windows remote desktop, UltraVNC and many other things. Adito is a version of SSL Explorer, a web-based VPN that is now a commercial product from Barracuda networks. Adito will run on any generic PC and the interface is the web browser.

Windows installer at:

UltraVNC or VNC would work, but keep in mind that you have to add encryption as an option, and leaving port 5900 open is a big neon sign that says 'I have VNC, come try to hack me'. So use a non-standard port, and install encryption if you use VNC. With UltraVNC you can use either the uVNC client or the web-browser version.

GoToMyPC is a very secure option that works well.

One consideration is if your connecting network is a company LAN. Many enterprises will not allow you to install a VNC client, or use any ports other than 443 (SSL) outbound (thus VNC will not work). And if the enterprise is a GoToMyPC customer, they can block personal GoToMyPC traffic from the enterprise site.

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by Triathlete1981 In reply to Remote administration/des ...

You can also check out Logmein. They have a free tool that allows installing up to 5 computers with Logmein free under one email account.

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Different apps for different uses.

by 1bn0 In reply to Remote administration/des ...

I agree with LogMeIn. I started using after the tech support companies for our phone and voicemail system had me install so they could provide support. WOrks very well for remote access over the web.

How are your desktops set up. I was using WinVNC and Win2VNC on my dekstop with three computers. The VNC host allows remote access, you can also use the vncvwiewer as the remote client.

I had three machines with one monitor each directly on my desk. Win2VNC connects to the "remote" dekstop without creating a full window. It creates a 1 pixel wide window at the edge of your screen and transfers mouse and keyboard control when you move off of your main screen to the next monitor. It's like extending you desktop to three screens, but each screen is actually a different computer. This setup lets you have access to all of the machines with one mouse and keyboard. You can have one remote computer at each edge of the main screen for up to four extra computers being controlled.

Remote Desktop. It's included in windows and works good over the local network as well.

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Remote Access

by PC_Techie, MCP In reply to Remote administration/des ...

I like a program called TeamViewer. You can find it at www. It's free, and works very well.

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Only problem I had...

by C F USA In reply to Remote Access

was I was unable to control a Vista machine from a XP machine. Could be me, but XP->XP no problem, Vista->Vista,Vista-XP no problem.

PS Using latest version as well as one previous

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by ---TK--- In reply to Remote administration/des ...

Is made by logmein...
I use it all the time. It allows file/print sharing, RDP, ect... Great utility! I thought it allowed up to 8 or 16 users under the non-commercial license...?

You should defiantly check it out!!

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Thanks all

by solshakdwn In reply to Remote administration/des ...

Thank you all for sharing some suggestions on some of the things I could do. I appologize for being so late to reply but am now currently testing all the your suggestions.

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