Remote ADSL monitoring

By pjanel ·
Hi Guys,

I work for a ISP reseller company, and we are making use of a another company to supply and suppport the ADSL our clients use.

Lately we have been receiving a lot of complaints regarding the quality of the VOIP phones's connections. (Dropped calls, poor quality, etc).

I am looking for a way to monitor the ADSL connection from the client's side, without too much of the client's effort. I was thinking of a script or something that would send the cient IP to one of our servers, which would then in turn record the ping stats, dropped packets, etc. This turned out to be more difficult than I thought, and I am now exploring alternatives.

Any suggestions? (Keep in mind that our clients are just users, not IT Boffins!)

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See Link: DSLREPORTS has that service

by robo_dev In reply to Remote ADSL monitoring
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Problems in Africa!

by pjanel In reply to See Link: DSLREPORTS has ...

Thanks for the reply.

This is generally what I am looking for, though the service that dslreports supply will drain away to much of our income. The product cost only about $5 a month. If there is a software implementation of this, my chances of convincing the people in charge might be better.

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Well, then you're back to running some sort of ping-plotter

by robo_dev In reply to Problems in Africa!

and emailing the results periodically.

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