remote assess software or VPN...??

By sabisp007 ·
hai..our company is starting a as an IT admin for remotely assessing computer in the branch should i use a remote assess softwre or setup a VPN network..??? which one is better..plz help..

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A lot depends on what VPN or remote access solution you choose...

by robo_dev In reply to remote assess software or ...

From a security standpoint, it's possible to create a dangerously insecure remote connection setup using Windows remote desktop or similar tools, while a VPN connection is standards-based, and fairly hard to really screw up.

In terms of a rock solid and secure configuration, a Cisco ASA security appliance will allow you to setup a SSL (clientless) VPN that would require little maintenance, be very secure, and easy to use (no client software, only the web browser). There are other makers of SSL VPNs such as Barracuda,SonicWall and others.

For remote connectivity, a third-party service like GoToMyPC works very well. Again, no client software, a high level of security, and you can add extra security like using RSA tokens if you like.

A lot depends on how much you want to spend, how critical these servers are, and how far away they are. There are lots of very sophisticated remote KVM devices, for example, that can let you remotely power-cycle and even get into the BIOS screens of a server remotely....something that could save you a long drive. Many of these solutions can cost a lot of money and time, though.

Personally, I use a SSL VPN called OpenVPN ALS, which works similarly to the Barracuda SSL VPN product. It is an open-source product that works very well, but I would recommend using a supported commercial product for any business.

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Remote Access VPN Assistance Service Solutions

by kelly-wilson In reply to remote assess software or ...

VPN remote access provides a solid solution for business owners that want to securely access and share their data from any location without mastering skills not relevant to their daily operations. Using remote Access allows a business to focus on their area of expertise. ( )

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