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By hotrodgers ·
having trouble getting the remote assistance to work between 2 users... they both are using windows xp pro and they are both still on sp1... when you click on the email link and enter the pass it says connecting then comes back and says the remote assistance could not establish a connection because the host name could not be resolved...have tried it through messenger as well and get the same error.. have reversed it and tried to remote the other pc and get the same error that way to...any suggestions on why this is not working and connecting? thanks

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by BFilmFan In reply to Remote Assistance

When a connection cannot be made due to an issue with a host name, this means there is a DNS issue.

Are the systems on the same network? If so, check the DNS server has the correct information.

If they are in different network, then you have an issue in one of the SOA servers for that network.

You could also have an issue where a firewall is blocking traffic that is required by RPC to operate correctly.

Some more information on the situation would be of assistance in resolving this issue.

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by hotrodgers In reply to Remote Assistance

they are not on the same network... it is a home pc to a home pc... neither have enable firewall activated... neither have nortons firewall or any other either... they did have the windows firewall on originally..but same error so took it off thinking it was preventing connection.. they both use dsl and no dialup...not sure about the SOA servers...what would i need to check? thanks

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by dustyD In reply to Remote Assistance

Are either of you using a router or otherwise using NATting? Hope so, actually. Router must be configured to forward port 3389 to the correct internal IP address.

Maybe the remote assistance file contains a bogus IP address. Very good TechRepublic article here:

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by 6888jmv In reply to Remote Assistance

Was having same issue myself but never did find an answer that worked. But after anylizing the RA file via notepad I discovered the fix. The one piece of information missing, that you will need to first obtain from the person you're trying to establish a connection to, is what their Default Gateway is. If you don't know how to get this information from them, they can do this by going to a command prompt and typing "ipconfig" (without the quotes). Of course, this is altogether different if they are behind a router which I won't get into here. Once you have the IP of the default gateway, open up (if you haven't done so already) the remote assistance file using notepad. The data I'm pasting here is ficticious so just bear with me. The start of the second line should look something similar to: RCTICKET="65538,1,;host_name:3389,*,. is the IP of the machine obviously, and where I typed host_name is the name of their machine. Behind host_name you need to add the default gateway they are on. i.e. host_name. Again, is not valid, just used as an example. Use whatever they told you their default gateway is. Once you've added that click save and everything should be peas & carrots :-). Hope this works for you, it worked for me.

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