Remote assistance bypass to save file

By radamernandez ·
I have been wonder if is possible to make a script that bypasses the process to request remote assistance and saves it automatically on the desktop with any password and invitation name.

I need it in order to help my relatives when they are in trouble since the proccess to request remote assistance is kind of long and they are no familiar with computer more than navigate on internet.

I need the password since I am using Vista and most of them still are using XP.

Basically I am thinking to send it to them via any messenger and they download it then double click on it and afterward they send me back the invitation without any ulterior steps.

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Something like PC Anywhere

by radamernandez In reply to What you mean something l ...

Yes. But Remote Assistance is FREE wich is an adventage we need to take. On the other hand, my relatives do not need my help every day. That's why I am looking just to make simpler the request of Remote Assistance to them

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Use Single-click-VNC if your IP doesn't change much..

by cmatthews In reply to Remote assistance bypass ...

I admit this is not for everyone, but you can create this little 177k .exe in less than 3 minutes when you need it:

You can even customize it for fun and put a logo and custom text on it. When they run the file, it jumps into their system tray and for several minutes it tries to make a reverse-connection to your IP where your VNC client is waiting for a call.

I have a static IP at home so I can send this out to whoever I want, and never have to change it - guess I'm a lucky bugger ;-)

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It does not work

by radamernandez In reply to Use Single-click-VNC if y ...

VNC is not work either. It requires a static ip address and I have a dynamic address.
Remote Assistance is OK, but I just want to make the process to save and send the invitation easier for them.

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The key is, "how dynamic is your IP" some routers maintain..

by cmatthews In reply to It does not work

..a PPPoE connection for weeks if disconnect timeouts are disabled..
I found an excellent article for your situation here:

BTW, have you tried anything like these?

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Team Viewer is great

by radamernandez In reply to The key is, "how dynamic ...

I had never seen Team Viewer before.
I already downloaded it, signed for the free non-comercial version, and tested it with my cousin. It just work fine.
Some thing like that was what I was looking for.
Thanks dude you are a Saver Life!!!

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Good to help out!

by cmatthews In reply to Team Viewer is great

Me alegro, manda saludos al primo soyo - Como dice mi esposa, Requetebien!

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Muy Bien

by radamernandez In reply to Good to help out!

Parece que hablas espanol.
Muchas y mil gracias por esta aplicacion.
Aunque no consegui el sript que queria, quisiera cerrar ya este blog.

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We are not in the same network

by radamernandez In reply to Remote assistance bypass ...

Bear in mind that my relatives and me do not share the same network. In other words we do not live together nor even close.

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