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Remote Assistance- Can you Sue?

By titan_loyd ·
My question hopefully will start a thread based on what could be or what had been done in the past if a client claims that a technician accessed their computer. now it is worse off then it was before and wants to file for damages.

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Additional information

by titan_loyd In reply to Remote Assistance- Can yo ...

Take into account that if the issue is either imagined or real. A technician should make a 2nd or even 3rd attempt to repair any damage that may have been caused using normal issue, resolution and follow process.

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Dont let things escalate that far

by TheChas In reply to Remote Assistance- Can yo ...

While there are some un-reasonable people out there, it shows bad management if a PC support firm allows a situation to escalate to the point where a client is threatening to sue for damages.

Once a customer has that serious of a problem, it needs to be handled by the most tactful and highest skilled employee.

Next, you need to make sure that you are following established business practices.
This includes a form that either excludes or limits your exposure to damages that is signed by each client.


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Sure - SUE THE B#$%^&@

by maxwell edison In reply to Remote Assistance- Can yo ...

Yea, sure, join the fray. SUE. SUE. SUE. SUE.

I screwed up my computer and someone else can't fix it. SUE THE B#$%^&@.

Someone else is raising my kids the wrong way. SUE THE B#$%^&@.

Someone said something that hurt my feelings. SUE THE B#$%^&@.

I can't get my fat *** into an airline seat. SUE THE B#$%^&@.

I was dumb enough to spill hot coffee on myself. SUE THE B#$%^&@.

I'm not happy with my outcome - it MUST be someone else's fault - SUE THE B#$%^&@.

****, everybody else is suing anybody else for anything and everything. Why not join them?

Besides, lawyers really really do need more money.

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Can I sue you?

by admin In reply to Sure - SUE THE B#$%^&@

I was offended by your use of the word "lawyer" on this board! :^)

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regular basis

by mmurphy In reply to Remote Assistance- Can yo ...

This happens on a regular basis. Clients are absolutley convinced that their computer was perfect before they called. Meanwhile they have kazaa runnning and downloading god knows what. They are unable to follow simple instructions to repair the issue themselves and then when they junmp ahead and click on something they should'nt have, it's the Techs Fault.
This is not to say that a tech does not screw up, but ussually ... it's Id10T errors.

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