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    remote backup


    by ericl ·

    I am currently in contact with AT&T to install a T1 from a home to a remote office. AT&T keeps stalling on an install date and I have now been asked to provide a dial-up backup (I know – why are they thinking dial-up). So, what can I do get get theremote location up and running and then turn that solution over as a future backup?

    I have thought about using 2 Perle P851 routers with synchronous modems. I thought this would get everything up and running while we wait for the T1 line to be installed and provide future fault tolerance. Has anybody tried this solution? Anybody now of a better solution. FYI… there will be a Cisco 2621 router on each end of the T1 lines when it finally gets installed.

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      remote backup

      by difster ·

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      Dial-up is dial-up and that’s as good as it gets. If your home user has multiple lines you could certainly multiplex them together. If you have ISDN at the remote office then you get the user to dial into that and he has real modem speeds but otherwise you’re really just hosed and you have to make due with inferior connection speeds. Why does this person need a T1 from home? That seems a bit excessive.

      Good luck and make sure your resume is up to date. 🙂

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