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Remote Backup Software question

By dixiedirtbag ·

I am working with Remote Backup Systems' RBackup remote backup software, and it seems to be working very well for us.

We are thinking about extending its application to additional locations, remote users, offsite servers, and etc., and I wanted to request some opinions from the minds here as to it's suitability for this.

We are currently backing up 41 workstations to an offsite server, plus a few other remote resources (servers) on which we have placed the client software.

The software is very affordable when compared to other solutions, although it doesn't come with all the 'bells and whistles' right out of the box. Prior to dropping more dough on a larger-scall purchase, I wondered... Does anyone here have extensive experiences with this company/product that you could share?

Their site is

Thanks, any info is appreciated!


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Remote Backup Software

by daniel.schoen In reply to Remote Backup Software qu ...

Hi ddb

I m working for a telco-provider in Switzerland and I made an evaluation of online-backup systems. Our interest is not our own it-users. It?s more the customers using our WAN (Adsl etc.) services connections/ access. We also looking for a online Backup Service to our customers
We made test with several different solutions

Some of the are just service-providers of an existing product.
After evaluation it came out, that connected is the best product for us, second is Remote Backup Systems (RBS). Connected has the better and ingrated solution for Mirror-Servers and also much better scalability. They have not as good compression mechanism like RBS. But Connected has a superb mechanism to synchronize single messages in a PST-File rather than synching the whole PST-File.
And we got a director Support from the vendor in Europe / Switzerland (the located in Germany and Switzerland). Connected Client and DataCenter looks for us more professional. Client-Options can be set to a minimum.
We will start with a new test-enviroment with Data-Prodector 7.5 from connected in our LAB in the next few weeks. We had already two pilot installations.

Have fun @work

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Remote Backup Billing Software

by chet In reply to Remote Backup Software

Hey Daniel;
how are you billing your customers? There is this software by that works with most of the remote backup software out there and automates the business bunctions of Backup Service Providers.
Check it out at
it might take away your pain of running the business and billing your customers.
The are the only one in the market and the software is not bad at all

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