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remote booting in novel ur views?

By kamalkang ·
dear all novel netware lovers I have been start on working on old and trsuted funda of novel that is REMOTE BOOTING. I will apriciate if any intrested to be with me on this topic.

If we done it then this service could be a gr8 product,as it will recycle old and used P1-P2-P3 etc. machine's in big way so IT Infrastructure setup cost will be lower down dramaticaly.In most of the corporates a big no of PC's used by users is for 1 or 2 small works like DATA PUNCHING,INVENTORY STORE STOCK and other light activities so investment done on PC's is not worth but they don't have any option, if we done remote booting with all short commings removed typicaly speed issue then there is big chance.

it will also help in a big way to cyber cafe owners in big way as internet speed depends on internet conection majorly after booting net speed will not be go down if compared with P4 pc and remote booting P1 pc.
any idea's plz send

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by chanmkr In reply to remote booting in novel ...

for remote booting y can not use windows platform
as it will take to much of bandwith
if y r tring differnt os then it is possible

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by kamalkang In reply to remote booting in novel ...


I think windows is the most B/W consuming OS also there is always a big risk of errors in server configuration as windows is user friendly but the bigger problem is virus almost above then 95% of total virus,s created for windows, server is directly within the virus effect area and the next big thing is that ultimatly Windows98 has to be installed on server and the clients will boot from this win98 image which will be on server now could you imagine wat kind of server will be required to be capable of handling 2 windows OS same time.
And the next thing is that who says novel netware is old actualy its our habit to go for easy things we affraid to take chalanges.

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by D_V Ant In reply to remote booting in novel ...

If I read this correctly, you are looking for a way to use cheap PCs for applications that do not require a lot of processing power and to have the OS loaded from the server. The simplest and cheapest solution for this is to use thin clients with Citrix MetaFrame. All applications are ran from the server. The thin client is merely an inout device for the user. It is similar to the setup of a mainframe where the user sat at a terminal. You can learn more about this at Citrix's website.

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by kamalkang In reply to

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sir, 1st of thnx for answering, rest I am wel aware of thin clients infect I am in this field from last 10 years when the use of dumb terminals was very much common those days two type of options was available one is remote booting from netware and dumb terminals with sco unix.

Here in my question I didn't ask about only cheep solution(thin clients too are very costly) my major intention is to recycle the old and discarded pc's like p1 p2 or p3 to reduce the cost of new investments


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by D_V Ant In reply to remote booting in novel ...

If you would like to use the old PCs in place of thin clients, that would also work. You can either use Citrix or Terminal Services for Windows. Either will allow the old PCs to connect to the server and run applications from there.

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