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    remote computer repair over the internet


    by mel ·

    I am new to this site and would like to have feedback on what is important for technicians in a remote repair tool for fixing computer software problems over the internet. I would also like to know why it is not used more often

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      There are many tools for this

      by w2ktechman ·

      In reply to remote computer repair over the internet

      but most require a pre-install of the program (before the problem arises) and may be limited in several areas, like HDD issues.

      The ones that dont need a pre-install are usually of spyware or viri types, and a respectable business should not use them.

      Mainly what is needed is to be able to view the desktop of the system, and it is much easier if the tech can take control to do something.

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      Yep there sure are plenty of tools.

      by jim_p ·

      In reply to remote computer repair over the internet

      For Windows XP you can use either Remote Desktop, or Remote assistance, VNC, Radmin, and so on, PC Anywhere, etc.
      There are numerous amounts of remote controll software you can use, it’s just a matter which ones are easy to manage, and also manage bandwidth better, and so on.


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      Logmein Rescue

      by dpotter1 ·

      In reply to remote computer repair over the internet

      Mel, I use a program called LogMeIn Rescue. It comes in many flavors. If I can get a computer on the internet, I can take it over. I can even reboot without losing the session.

      There is a trial and it’s very cool. Just another tool in my aresenal.

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        Mel, I have used LogMeInRescue

        by vanessaj ·

        In reply to Logmein Rescue

        for a while now, and have come to rely on it. Dpotter is right about rebooting whle remaining connected, and you can even transfer a connection to another tech if need be. You also don’t even have to be at any particular location to access your account and remote into anyone else’s location. There are many, many advantages to this program (encryption, security, ease of use for both you and the user, etc.). We have tried just about every program there is out there and we pretty much stick with LogMeInRescue and PC Anywhere (which is a little less functional, but already set up at many of our clients’ locatons.)

        Also, I used to spend almost every day out in my car from client to client, but now get to stay at my desk (comfortable chair, air conditioning, no New York drivers) and fix most of the issues I get calls with in no time. Remote fixing is definitely a wonderful thing! Good luck!

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        Huge supporter of LMI Rescue

        by obiringuy ·

        In reply to Logmein Rescue

        I too use logmeIn rescue, and I have had the best possible experience with it. I love it, all my colleagues love it, and probably most importantly my customers love it. Being able to “reach into” their computer and fix the problem has saved so much time and energy when compared to trying to explain it over the phone to someone who is either A) distressed, B) computer illiterate, or C) both. I cannot speak highly enough of this program

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          Is there somthing better than LogMeIn Rescue

          by mel ·

          In reply to Huge supporter of LMI Rescue

          I am glad to see you are impressed with LogMeIn Rescue. I have been researching diffrent products and found one that has really impressed me. It is called syberfix solutions.1. You can buy the product you dont have to pay license fees. 2. Connects very quickly. 3. Fast and very easy to use.4. Complete system that tracks and bills your customers 5. Helps you build your customer base. I have tried logMeIn Rescue, it is ok. I find the syberfix product has more to offer and much more stable. I will continue my search for the best product

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          thanks for the heads-up, I have used

          by vanessaj ·

          In reply to Is there somthing better than LogMeIn Rescue

          several different systems and LogMeIn is my fav, but I will have to look into syberfix, probably sometime next week. In the meantime, you said that it connects quickly, I assume you mean to the remote computer(s) rather than just you onto the ‘net…did you check the encryption levels? That’s one reason that I prefer LMI and one reason that it’s takes a few seconds to connect. Does syberfix also allow rebooting while retaining a connection to remote computer? I cannot do without that. Users just don’t get it in their head to do their MS updates when prompted.

          I hope to find it as good or better, as you suggest, than LMIRescue. Always looking for bigger and better!! 🙂

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          How to tell if one remote repair tool is better than another

          by mel ·

          In reply to thanks for the heads-up, I have used

          When searching for the ultimate remote repair tool i have used these guidelines for basing my decission.
          1. Ease of use
          2. Connection speed to customer computer
          3. Auto reeboot
          4. Encryption levels
          5. Overall stability
          6. Diagnostic and repair tools

          Syberfix has this and more. Have a look at the product, it is very reasonably priced

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      I Like Teamviewer Software…

      by jkhtkd ·

      In reply to remote computer repair over the internet

      We use Team Viewer Software at and It is easy, fast, has File Transfer, works on Windows and MacOS and is customizable. Very Cool Stuff for remote support.

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