Remote connection + local user accounts help!

By xenon1 ·

I have a remote user who successfully reinstalled Windows XP and a VPN client which allows him to connect to our network. While connected remotely to our domain through the VPN client, I was able to add his laptop to our domain.

The dilema is that even though this user has an active account within AD, I cannot push any of his credentials to his laptop. He can only log on to the computer with the local credentials of the laptop and cannot log on with the domain credentials. In short when laptops aren't connected to our domain, they usually have a set of stored credentials that allow them to logon to the laptop using "domain" credentials instead of logging on strictly to that local machine.

Since the user is on the west coast, and I am on the east coast, I am trying to come up with a fix that will allow him to recieve credentials for authenticated individuals.

Just to clarify, this user logs on to our domain remotely with the VPN client through the local administrators account and has access to each resource if he puts in his credentials servername/username. What I am trying to do is push a listing of user credentials to his local laptop which is now part of our domain. When not connected to our domain through initial boot up, he gets an understandable, domain cannot be found.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Ah yes...

by scott_heath In reply to Remote connection + local ...

Is there a check box on the log in screen that says something about "Logon using dial-up connection" or suome such?

Many VPN clients have an option to "Log off and back on" in there settings, knowing this is an issue for many users. I am pretty sure the Nortel client does...

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