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By hass_hm ·
i have at home a dsl internet connection, any i've no public IP how can i access my computer from office any good ideas with some explanation.
note: I've no privileges to any router

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VNC or .......

by mactrekr In reply to remote connection

There are numerous "free" and paid solutions to your problem. "Logmein" has a very nice, easy to use free remote desktop program. However, depending on your ISP, you should be able to have them do a direct IP passthrough to your own personal router. At that point you could use DDNS or even create a VPN to the office (Depending on what level of access you had to the office infrastructure). I've set up numerous VPN type systems for folks who want access to the office from home. Look into a free logmein accout ( It'll probably be the easiest solution for you.

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How do you have an internet connection with no public IP?

by seanferd In reply to remote connection
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by mactrekr In reply to How do you have an intern ...

He has a public IP he simply has no access to it. It is common for carriers such as Qwest and Sprint to provide a DSL modem that also acts as a router (sometimes even wireless) All the IP info and routing is handled by the provided box.

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What do you want to access?

by Choppit In reply to remote connection

You don't mention specifically what you mean by "access my computer". Do you mean your desktop/applications, your files or some other service?

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remote desktop

by hass_hm In reply to What do you want to acces ...

i've no public IT because i'm behind a router which i don't have any access to, and i need remote desktop, i'll try "dyndns" but is ther a better way

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In which case a DDNS service won't help you

by Choppit In reply to remote desktop

so it seems you'll probably need to use a service like GoToMyPC.

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Many DDNS services can also run from the PC

by robo_dev In reply to In which case a DDNS serv ...

So if you're stuck with a router that has no DDNS support, like the uVerse one I've got, you just load up the service on a PC, and it works the same way.

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Very true..

by Choppit In reply to Many DDNS services can al ...

but it's no use being able to find your routers public IP from the internet if you're not able to configure the router to forward traffic to your PC

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Call your ISP

by mactrekr In reply to remote desktop

First off, IMHO, nobody should leave their network security strictly to their ISP. One unscruplous employee and your life could be ruined if you store any financial or personal info. Every DSL provider I've ever worked with will do an IP passthrough if you request. Basically, you should go buy a descent home based router that will do DDNS and talk to your ISP. Or, if you just want to access the remote desktop, look at They have a free remote desktop program that works very well.

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