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By IT_techie_guy ·
I am using windows xp pro and I need to connect remotely into a machine that is using windows 98se. I am using XP's remote desktop connection and I have downloaded the remote desktop connection from microsoft for the 98se machine. I just am not for sure how to configure it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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by w2ktechman In reply to remote connections

on the 98 machine turn on Allow users to connect remotely and get the Computername or IP address

On the XP machine go to start -- all programs -- accessories -- communications -- Remote Desktop Connection
type the computername or ip address and click connect

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by pctech In reply to remote connections

Well, it will be more complex than that. Should the Win 98SE system be behind a router, you will need to configure a port on the router for RDP. This is port 3389, by default. ( Some routers are preconfigured for RDP ). You will need to assign this port to the IP address of the Win98 system. Since you will be assigning an IP address to this port for forwarding to the 98 system, you will need to assign this same IP address to the 98 system as you did to the port on the router. Also you will need to know the IP address of the cable/dsl modem for this is the IP address you will use for RDP connections. An example would be to configure RDP connection on the XP system. is the WAN IP address of the cable/dsl modem, in this example, and 389, in this example, is the port you will use. The router handles the forwarding from there. Should you need help setting up the router, please let us know.
BTW, should you assign the router anything other than the default port setting for RDP ( 3389 ), you will also need to edit the registry on the 98 system to "listen" for activity on that port. Let us say that you assigned port# 3360 for RDP on the router. You will then need to tell the 98 system which port to listen to for RDP connections. Here is the registry key for doing this:
Under PortNumber, in the right hand pane, you will need to change the default value of 3389 to 3360 for this example.

I hope this helps you.

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by pctech In reply to

BTW, should you not have a fixed IP address from your ISP for the modem, the IP address can, and will, change without warning on the modem. You will need to change the RDP connection of the XP system to reflect the new IP address of the modem. Fixed IP addresses for the modem do not suffer from this annoyance.

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by sfc_gijoe In reply to remote connections

Remote Desktop only allows Win98 to connect to a WinXP computer with remote desktop enabled. WinXP cannot remote into a Win98 computer. You will need third party software like PC Anywhere to accomplish that

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