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remote console Netware 5.1 server

By errick.lewis@csueastbay. ·
I'm looking for a remote console piece of software
like rconsole, but works with ip instead of ipx/spx.
We are moving to a pure ip network; I have 3 novell 5.1 servers that are file and print servers that's
all they do. They don't run Java or any other web services, so java version(rconsolej)is not what I'm looking for. Does anyone know of this kind of software.

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by Oz_Media In reply to remote console Netware 5. ...

I LOVE Remote Administrator conlsole from Ad software's Console! It is really fast in most cases, a little slow to refresh over some LAN's but refresh rate is adjustable.

This will give you access to console views but no additional tools, Console One did all that in 5.1 but I guess all the plugins are Java based so C1 is out for you too?

It's only $35 after trial expires if you want a licence, and great for remote desktop support in a gross office (don't ask). :)

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by tommymcbrayer In reply to remote console Netware 5. ...

adrem free remote console. I run it on a pure IP Netware environment. Best of all it is free.

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by grbeckmeyer In reply to remote console Netware 5. ...
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by rbgnr111 In reply to remote console Netware 5. ...


it comes bundled with all versions from 5 on up.
it supports both pure ip and ipx

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by wsmario In reply to remote console Netware 5. ...

the typicall remote program for netware 5.1 still is the same as in novell 4.9 netware calls: "rconsol". on your machune that is connected to the network you can connect to the server any place you are by the "rconsole" and by autenticate your self as the administrator you can make connection to the server.

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by Why Me Worry? In reply to remote console Netware 5. ...

You folks are killing me! Netware 5.x and on comes with a utility known as RCONJ.EXE that run on the workstation and is a replacement for the IPX based RCONSOLE that shipped with Netware 4.x and earlier versions. Newer version of RCONJ support encrypted connections over SSL.

Load RCONAG6 <password> at your server console

then map a drive to sys:\public\mgmt\consoleone and find the rconj.exe file and run it

type in the server's IP address or name if you have DNS setup

folks, please read the manual..Netware is not that hard to learn

second of all Netware 5.x is obsolete and Netware 6.0 will be obsolete by the end of this year

I suggest you upgrade to Netware 6.5

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by caffeinegoddess In reply to remote console Netware 5. ...

adrem is what I use. It is free. If you want to get rid of the annoying splash screen, you can register it. I get mail from them occasionally, but not an annoying amount.


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