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remote control

By wrw70433 ·
I have a client who wants to access a single office computer from a single computer at home. I have never set up remote access before. The guy I am doing this for is not a computer person at all so I need something simple for him to operate. Is PCAnywhere a good tool for this or is there something better?

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Tight VNC

by Starscream In reply to remote control

I have to maintain 100's of PC's at 5 different locations. As long as the machines have a public IP (static or using NAT with a router dynamic address) you can use VNC. Virtual Network Computing I think it stands for. Google for "Tight VNC", its free open source. Install the server on the computer you wish to control. Assign it a password. Then install the viewer on the client machine you wish to use to access it (home computer) then you simple type in the IP address and password of the computer to be controlled and hey presto full with the target computers screen. Its a bit slow over the net depending on internet speeds. You will have to give the software permission ot access the internet on any firewalls etc. I don't know how secure this method is but it works great for me.

Any connection probs will be down to the ability of both computers to exist on the internet publically.


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VNC not the best for this

by grbeckmeyer In reply to remote control

I really like VNC and use it daily in my office environment, but all systems are behind a firewall so there are no security issues. I would NOT recommend running VNC and opening that up to the public internet. I know there are flavors of VNC that support more secure authentication, but for this situation you might want to look at, or for a free service try

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Remote Products

by cliff680 In reply to VNC not the best for this

We use PC Anywhere and it works fine for us. We do however change the default ports that it runs on for added security. I would do this with any remote control product to make it more secure.

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What OS ?

by mark_mdz In reply to Remote Products

You didn't mention what OS these computers are on. IF they are both on XP, you could use the XP Remote Desktop, which by default has a decent encryption level (not sure on the level though).

Honestly, I don't really know of any super secure remote softwares that I'm comfortable with for this purpose. If neither machine has ANY sensitive/confidential info on it, I would not really be all that worried.

IF it's confidential info that MUST be secured, and money is not much of an issue, I would definitly go with a Citrix solution. Much more secure and reliable.

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by wrw70433 In reply to What OS ?

He is running XP on both computers. I just thought using a 3rd party software would be easier for him. $$$ is not an issue. I don't need a free solution. I need one that works well, has good encryption, and is easy for a non-computer guy to use.

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Check out GoToMyPC from Citrix.

by deepsand In reply to remote control

It's inexpensive, and will afford you the opportunity to provide remote support if needed.

The setup is quite simple. In addition to remote control, it provides for file transfers & printing to remote queues.

Citrix is a well established & reliable company. I've used their products for a number of clients, with no problems.

The below link will get you there.

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