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Remote Control Software

By Rob E ·
I'm currently doing the rounds of looking at a load of remote access solutions to implement. The usual suspects keep cropping up - pcAnywhere, NetOp, NetSupport etc. and I was wondering whether anyone had any advice on these products or any alternatives.

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Might try VNC

by madroxxx In reply to Remote Control Software

or depending on what you are trying to do maybe a terminal server.

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I concur with Mallard

by mrafrohead In reply to Might try VNC

VNC definately. First it works well, second it's FREE!!!!!!!! Safe your business a ton of money and tell your boss you deserve a raise because you were so valiant in looking out for the companies financial best interest.

Terminal Services is also quite nice too.


@Mallard - should you care, i'm on after 6 PST - #Mp4. I see you but you're never there when I am

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If VNC don't forget SSH!

by TomSal In reply to I concur with Mallard

I agree that VNC is great in that it works fine and its free, but don't forget-- in its native form its insecure.

There is no encryption on VNC.

Keep that in mind before you install it and configure your routers to port forward for Internet access of VNC.

I highly HIGHLY suggest using SSH if you are going to use VNC over the 'net. This will secure VNC for you.

Otherwise, good solution.

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Wrong guy.

by madroxxx In reply to I concur with Mallard

We have a simular Nic but we are in fact two completely different people.

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Carbon Copy

by rrangel In reply to Remote Control Software

You may try Carbon Copy and if you are about to manage a lot of PC's, the choice is Altiris Client Management Suite (Software delivery, PC migration, remote control, deploy images, hardware and software inventory, etc.)

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Terminal Services

by Malcolm R In reply to Remote Control Software

Depending on what you are trying to do, of course. We manage our Win2k servers now with Terminal Services and Dell Remote Access cards. We still use Timbuktu for the NT4 servers.


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by LordInfidel In reply to Remote Control Software

Small, Lightweight, dependable, stable, secure and cheap!

It will also depend on what you are trying to accomplish.

Is this for end users or for admins?

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I'm just going to expound

by LordInfidel In reply to Radmin

First, the url is

Security, while some such as pcnowhere and netmeeting attempt to establish a some sort of secure channel.

Radmin, does so natively using 128bit strong encryption. Does this means it should be sent over the clear. No, obviuosly not. I would never advocate that unless you have pvt lines.

But if you do have to send it out in the clear, it is much more stable then the pitiful 56bit encryption or propietary encryption others use.

It integrates with NT permissions also. But again, the U/P is not sent in cleartext, it is envrypted in the data stream.

It only listens on 1 port, and you can alter what port it listens on.

It supports logging both to the event viewer and to a log file.

You canalso add IP filters to it. Specifying subnets or hosts that can connect.

It can be used in Hidden mode, where the end user will never see an icon for it in systray.

It runs a service and can be configured to run as a restricted user.

Radmin is the Admins choice for remote access software.

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by seasdale In reply to Radmin

Its 50 times faster than VNC and is the remote management app of choice for me.

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by JackOfAllTech In reply to Remote Control Software

I just don't understand why so many people continue to use PC anywhere! It is a resource pig that causes more problems than it's worth.
I don't know if it's still available but I've used Laplink for around 15 years (back to the good old DOS days) and NEVER had one single problem.


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