Remote Control

By dogknees ·
Is anyone aware of a remote control application that works in Windows 7? We've used Altiris for about 10 years and have just discovered that it won't work with Windows 7 PCs.
The suggested "work-around" is to use Terminal Services/Remote Desktop. This doesn't allow us to see what the user is doing or show them how to do something, so it's not really a solution.

Is anyone aware of a product that provides this facility and that works on a Domain. Ideally, it should work transparently on all versions of Windows since XP.


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Dameware is good

by beanxyz In reply to Remote Control

In my company, I use dameware and tightVNC. Both of them are working in win7

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Using Windows Remote Desktop in a Domain and Win7..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Remote Control
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Users View

by dogknees In reply to Using Windows Remote Desk ...

Can you tell me how to use RDP to remote control a PC leaving the user logged in and so what I do is visible to them?


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I won't be a lot of help here, but

by seanferd In reply to Users View

MS support does exactly that with RDP all the time. They may have a good explanation of this somewhere on-site, either under Support, or a more likely candidate for a more full explanation, in TechNet.

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How about Remote Assistance?

by WorkForFood In reply to Remote Control

This has been there since XP and allows for an interactive session - just what you need and it's included with the OS.

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Right - thanks.

by seanferd In reply to How about Remote Assistan ...

That's what that function of RD is called.

On the client end, you just need to allow Remote Assistance. RD & RA are both available on the Remote tab in system properties. (Don't forget to visit Advanced under RA.)

I've never set up RA on the "server" end, so I'm a bit more clueless there.

The "expert" or "server" side must be sent an RA invitation from the "client" (from the Start menu, assuming it hasn't been removed by the user or GP). The expert then accepts the invitation, which I believe shows up in My Documents. Once the connection is established, the "Take control" menu item is what you are looking for.

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by dogknees In reply to How about Remote Assistan ...

I'll give it a try.

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Remote Administrator

by WillCroPoint In reply to Thanks

I could only suggest you try Remote Administrator from Famatech. It is just awesome. ( You may deploy it using a GPO but I guess they provide a deployment tool.

There is also TeamViewer, but I guess Radmin is better suited for internal networks (where TeamViewer seems better suited for WANs).

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