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By luv2bike2 ·
I have a user who is located at a different site (different state) who connects to one of my servers through Remote Desktop to my Terminal Server. He is on one domain and we are on another domain.

At one point he said he had a shortcut on his local computer to a folder on one of my servers and he does not have it anymore since he received a new computer. he wants to transfer files from one of my servers to his local computer.

What do I need to do to get the shortcut setup on his local computer.

his domain:
my domain:

The terminal Server is where he has a shortcut to another one of my servers but he wants to have a shortcut on his local computer so that he does not have to call me to email files to him.
Terminal Server ==== Windows Server 2003
The server he wants a shortcut on his local computer is Windows 2000
I believe he has Windows XP.

Thanks for all suggestions in advance!

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Well I suppose the obvious is to Map

by OH Smeg In reply to Remote Desktop

Whatever it is that is required here a Drive or Folder and then make a shortcut to this from the desktop in the remote site.

Of course all of this has to be done from the desktop that they want the Shortcut on.


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but how?

by luv2bike2 In reply to Well I suppose the obviou ...

thanks for your response!
if the user can not see my network when he goes into my network places, how can he map a drive to the folder he wants to create a shortcut to?

i do not see their network when i go into network places.

This is all to new to me so if you can supply some direction I would greatly appreciate it. :)


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net use

by Churdoo In reply to but how?

By reading through the rest of the posts, it sounds like your sites are connected via VPN through the Cisco's.

From the user's desktop, can he ping your server (the server that contains the share that he wants the shortcut for) by name? i.e. does "ping servername" generate replies from your server? If not, can he ping the internal IP address of the server?

If he can ping by name, create a new shortcut on his desktop and type in \\servername\sharename for the shortcut.

If he can ping only by the server IP, then use \\serverIP\sharename in the above new shortcut.

If he is challenged for credentials when you try to create the shortcut, then it will be easier to map the connection rather than simply creating a shortcut so that you may provide credentials within the command, like so:
net use z: \\servername\sharename /user:YOURDOMAIN\username password
This will create a Z: drive on his computer which is mapped to your server.

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This sounds like it might work.

by luv2bike2 In reply to net use

I can ping one of there servers from my office so I believe he will be able to ping my server. I will have to wait until he gets into the office to give this a try. I will post back with the results. Thanks so much for your assistance!

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I passed on the info

by luv2bike2 In reply to net use

to the user and i have not heard back from him as of yet.

i really appreciate your help! i will let you know if this worked.


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user could not ping to my server

by luv2bike2 In reply to net use

Thank you for your assistance here. it is greatly appreciated.
It was a great idea and I am sure if I had contact information for my cisco router to get support, i am sure we could set him up the way you suggested.
Thanks again. :)

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Your friend might need this....

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Remote Desktop is on local computer

by luv2bike2 In reply to Your friend might need th ...

so that he can acces the files and all, on my network from his network (local computer), but what he has told me was the previous net admin put a shortcut on his local desktop (not on the remote desktop) so that he can access files that are on my network so he did not have to have someone at my office email the files that are on my network.

Mark is in Los Angeles on his local computer on his office network (domain name ABCCompany). Mark Remotes Desktops into my Terminal Server on my network (doman name XYZCompany) in Las Vegas and accesses files to other servers on my network. What he wants is a shortcut on his LOCAL desktop computer (not the remote desktop) that points to one of my folders on one of my servers on my network.

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This server or, at least the folder is accessible

by Kenone In reply to Remote Desktop

from the internet, right?
use a browser to get there and copy the create a shortcut on your desktop & email it to him.

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No The server is not accessible from the internet

by luv2bike2 In reply to This server or, at least ...

We have a Cisco 501 router connecting my office to the other office but i don't see their network and they don't see my network when we go into My Network Places.

I really don't know how this user had a shortcut (on his local computer) pointing to one of the folders on my file server on my network. He does have a short cut on the remote desktop to the folder but what he really wants to do is drag and drop the files from my server to his local computer on his network.

is this a really possibility to do without going through those web programs like,
I use the free version of and i can access my computer at work or at home where ever am. i can not drag and drop the files from the computer i logged into to the computer that i am using, unless i use the paid version.

i appreciate all responses and suggestions.
Thanks :)

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