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    remote desktop


    by lwknudsen ·

    I am trying to use remote destop on my Win XP pro system. My problem is that it doesn’t show up under start/programs/accessories/communications. I tried downloading and installing from, but I get a message saying it cannot install because remote desktop is a part of the operating system. Can anyone tell me how to access remoted desktop?

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      Re: remote desktop

      by craig herberg ·

      In reply to remote desktop

      Remote desktop is in the Control Panel — System – Remote. I hope this helps.

      Good luck.

      Craig Herberg

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      by roger99a ·

      In reply to remote desktop

      Look in All Programs/Accessories/Communications

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      by choppit ·

      In reply to remote desktop

      Remote desktop server settings can be found under System Properties > Remote. The RDP client is in Accessories > Communication or you can use the Web based client.

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      Wrong forum

      by deepsand ·

      In reply to remote desktop

      This is a tech. problem, in search of a solution.

      It properly belongs in “Technical Q&A,” not in “Discussions.”

      Please re-post there.

      Thank you.

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        Is that

        by it_lobo ·

        In reply to Wrong forum

        All you ever say???

        You must post that about 10 times a day.

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          It’s a common problerm.

          by deepsand ·

          In reply to Is that

          The structure of TR, particularly that button for posting comments to articles, does nothing to guide posters to the correct forum.

          This is a problem that has been addressed in several discussions, with no resolution in sight.
          TR seems to be reluctant to make the site “more complex.”

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          by it_lobo ·

          In reply to It’s a common problerm.

          It seems to me all you are trying to do is increase your post count, but what do I know.

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          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Hmmmmmmmmm

          Deepsand is correct about pointing members to the correct section of the TR site.

          While this one was borderline, there are WAY too many Questions posted in the Discussion section.

          Had you been an ACTIVE member of the discussion section, you would know this.

          NOTE: Usually it is OZ who is first to point people to the correct section, so I am not sure how deep beat him in. Not feeling well OZ?

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          by it_lobo ·

          In reply to Wrong

          I guess only the high and mighty are allowed to post anything.

          I guess TR is not for everone.

          I wont bother you guys anymore, I will find another site were new people are welcome.

          Silly, me I thought this was for professionals.

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          And that was professional?

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Wow

          What is unprofessional about politely informing someone who is not aware of how things may work the correct way to proceed?

          It is assumed that the posted did not know the proper place for posting questions. This is backed up by the fact that it isn’t the proper place to post questions. Nothing high and mighty about that. Nothing unprofessional about that. Nothing unwelcoming about that.

          If you go back, it was your jumping on this that wasn’t professional. You didn’t understand WHY this was said, so you started to insult someone who was HELPING someone else.

          Not a biggie, as everyone makes mistakes. Even I have, or so I am told.

          Step back, reread the posts as they were intended and relax.

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          This is the one that

          by it_lobo ·

          In reply to Wrong

          Pissed me off!!!

          What, you have nothing better to do then troll the forums and act all HIGH AND MIGHTY? Just because I only come on to the forums about once a day does not give you the right to attack me like that.

          Go ahead, make a reply so you can stay near the top of the forum trolls.

          Get a life.

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          Well said, Sir — Not

          by deepsand ·

          In reply to This is the one that

          Quite frankly, I’ve had it with snot-nosed kids like you, who think that being rude is cool.

          Such merely serves to demonstrate your arrested development.

          If you don’t like the rules of the community here gathered, then move. Your might consider Usenet; there’s lots of alt.flame groups where you’d fit right in.

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          by it_lobo ·

          In reply to This is the one that

          Why do you guys feel the need to make personal attacts.

          If you want to attact me do it to my face like a man .

          I am glad people like me have the guts to serve in the military so losers like you can have an oppinion.

          Feel free to continue flaming me.

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          Victom complex?

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to This is the one that

          Hmm, pointing out that you are new to the discussions and thus may not be familiar with the protocols on how a “discussion” verse a “Technical Q&A” works is an attack?

          Was nether high NOR mighty on my part, but very childish on your part to take it so.

          When people have a technical question, it gets asked in the Technical Question and Answer forumn. (hense it’s name, pretty cool huh?)

          If someone posts something you disagree with in a posting forumn then you politely converse with them to make sure there isn’t an understanding, and get them to see your side of things.

          You will never win anyone over by drive by postings flaming anyone who has a different opinion.

          If you have any reasonable person go back and read this thread, they will explain to you that there wasn’t an attact here except in your postings.

          It is really sad.

          Until then, if it makes you feel cool you can run around flaming people who are trying to help others and call us trolls. (see pot and kettle calling black story)

          Go to any of my other discussions and let me know if you see me trolling. Won’t find it.

        • #3352180

          You continue

          by it_lobo ·

          In reply to This is the one that

          To call me “sad” and “childish”. If this is not an attack then what is it?

          Does calling people names make you feel more like a man?

          All I was trying to say, was you an a couple of other fail to try and help people but berate them by telling them that they should go somewere else. I am not new to forums by any means and I can understand the need to post in the proper section, but the way you guys try to correct people is wrong.

          I am man enough to say when I am wrong, but are you?

          Try being a little more polite when dealing with new people to the forums instead of just pushing them away.

          For the most part I enjoy coming to these forums, but people like you make it difficult to return.

          I have a feeling you will coninue your flaming of me, but I don’t mind you have that right you have since you have been here soooo long.

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          I too served in the Navy, so that …

          by deepsand ·

          In reply to This is the one that

          you could continue to exercise your rights.

          The issue here, though, is no one of rights; but, one of decorum.

          In the Navy, there is a very old saying — “An Officer by Act of Congress; a Gentleman by the Grace of God.”

          Please try to be a gentlemen.

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          IT Lobo, sorry to say it but you got what you asked for

          by tomsal ·

          In reply to This is the one that

          I’ve read the posts that lead up to your response and I’ve read the posts after your response.

          I fail to see how deep or any other posters who were merely informing you that you posted a tech question in the wrong forum is to be interrupted as “high and mighty”, “unprofessional” or the like.

          They were just trying to be helping in pointing you to the correct place to better answer your technical question for you.

          I think you are getting too emotional over this thing. And I think you are being the rude person flinging the crap, do you expect folks not to go into defensive mode if they are “attacked”? Its a natural human response. They are doing nothing wrong.

          Finally, get over it all ready — what a very immature and silly thing to bring up — that people are overly concerned about increasing their post counts.

          Honestly I’ve used the board for over 5 years (I actually was using the board longer than my member since date shows) and I really don’t think the regs on here care about post counts.

          They enjoy helping others– what’s wrong with that?

          They enjoy provoking thought on an array of topics– what’s wrong with that?

        • #3325869

          Thanks TomSal

          by it_lobo ·

          In reply to This is the one that

          For showing up and giving your 2 cents.

          I am glad you felt the need to intervene.

          You show up days after the thread has been started and thing were being worked out just to throw fuel onto the fire. Good job!

        • #3325685

          Not Oz, And a better way

          by roger99a ·

          In reply to Wrong

          Give credit where it’s due. Do a search of the Discussions for “Wrong Forum” and you’ll see who’s on the ball here.

          Just a suggestion: why don’t we answer these questions with “You should have posted this in the Q&A but here’s what you do…” It would be more polite to the new members while gently guiding them to the proper area.

        • #3322566

          In the best of worlds, perhaps; but

          by deepsand ·

          In reply to Not Oz, And a better way

          I’ve seen it handled per your suggestion, with the result that the same person returned to the “Discussion” forum with still more questions!

          Furthermore, the few who believe that they are exempt from the standards, or otherwise take issue with, are in fact then encouraged to return here, rather than posting where they already know to be the correct forum.

          A polite notice pointing them to “Q&A” should suffice.

        • #3331022

          Hypocrisy & Plagarism in action.

          by deepsand ·

          In reply to Hmmmmmmmmm

          It should be noted that you copied the Title & Body of my post that raised your ire, and yourself posted same in response to a discussion started by ProtiousX, this very day!

          You, sir, are without shame.

        • #3331014

          I see

          by it_lobo ·

          In reply to Hypocrisy & Plagarism in action.

          Only you and the other people who have been here along time can post that.

          I am glad there are people like you in the world to correct id10ts like me. What would I do without direction?

          You try to help and you get stuck in a quagmire.

          In the furture I will let you direct people in the right direction.

          Sorry for trying to help. I did not mean to step on your toes.

          And thanks for serving in the Navy (that is not a joke I respect all who have the courage to serve their country). Men and woman who serve are the real heros in the world.

        • #3331004

          Do I detect a smidgeon of sarcasm?

          by deepsand ·

          In reply to I see

        • #3330997


          by it_lobo ·

          In reply to I see

          There may be alittle, but you will really have to read into it.

          BTW, the last part had none.

      • #3352156

        How dare you

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to Wrong forum

        say things like “please” and “thank you”.

        See what your rude behaviour has started?

        How do you sleep at night?

        Oh wait, I forgot. Saying please and thank you IS being polite and professional and helpful at the same time.

        Silly me.

        And then to have me agree with you. Oh the flame master I am.

        See ya in the next discussion sand. This one is over.

        • #3331020

          Please accept my abject apology.

          by deepsand ·

          In reply to How dare you

          May the future be kind.

        • #3330721

          No how dare YOU….;)

          by tomsal ·

          In reply to How dare you

          ….how dare you keep posting to add to your post count jd, now I can never catch up to you…

          whoa as me!

          Why god why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        • #3325805

          I’ll lend you my userid

          by deepsand ·

          In reply to No how dare YOU….;)

          Actually, I put no credence in the Rankings. Mine has at times remained unchanged, for extended periods, despite a significant amount of activity.

          At other times, it has bounded rapidly upward on seemingly spare activity.

          I suspect that it may be as flawed as some of the other functions on TR.

    • #3331112

      Remote Desktop

      by tribbles ·

      In reply to remote desktop

      Most Win XP’s come with a an app for Help, try going to that and type in the word Remote assistance, and then follow the answers.


      • #3331018

        Please read the above posts re.

        by deepsand ·

        In reply to Remote Desktop

        this being in the wrong forum.

        It is important that we do not encourage people to continue such.

        Thank you.

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      What a waste of threads for a simple answer

      by themessenger ·

      In reply to remote desktop

      In the run command type mstsc.exe or browse to c:\windows\system32\mstsc.exe
      This what the shortcut everyone is guiding you to through different means points to.
      If you want to offer remote assistance, type “offer” in the search in your Help and Support link in your start menu.

      ….And, jsut to meet the other requirements, for you new guys, post this kind of thing in QA. Doesn’t help you now, but for future reference.

      😯 Wow, amazing how a simple question became a hot topic because of flaming.

      • #3330730


        by skidoggeruk ·

        In reply to What a waste of threads for a simple answer

        Thanks for that. I don’t know whether I will need it anytime soon, but thanks for the shortcut.

        Not quite sure why people get so hyper-ventilated.

      • #3325867

        I was trying to make a point

        by it_lobo ·

        In reply to What a waste of threads for a simple answer

        But, it turned into much more. You don’t know the whole story.

        I was going to put why I wrote what I wrote, but you would just feel the need to respond with some sarcastic response to try and make me look stupid.

        Thanks for the continued narrowmind responses.

        • #3325803

          Why are you now attacking TheMessenger?

          by deepsand ·

          In reply to I was trying to make a point

          His post was in no way offensive, let alone open to being taken as an ad hominem reply directed to you.

          Were I now your CO, I’d say that an attitude adjustment was in order.

        • #3325800

          Did you read the title

          by it_lobo ·

          In reply to Why are you now attacking TheMessenger?

          I was not attacking him. You are really read into to it.

          There was no reason to make a title like that (let alone the comment at the end), he could have just answer the question. Instead he choose to continue adding fuel.

          Who says IT people are hard to talk to?

        • #3325718

          Poking fun at all the messages

          by themessenger ·

          In reply to Did you read the title

          Your right, I should not have added the last part of my response. I think I was making a point at the expense of you guys.

          My point was that instead of all of you having your tyraids of “who’s right” and “what you really meant” in this thread, you guys should have been more professional and taken it offline. (just like I should have).

          Anyways, the tech who started the thread has thew solution and this thread can now END! (please!!!!)

        • #3325702

          Yes, I did.

          by deepsand ·

          In reply to Did you read the title

          And, I still find your attack unwarranted.

          His post was his viewpoint of the thread as a whole; it was not directed at any one in particular.

          Had he intended to direct it towards you, he would have replied to one of your posts, not that of another.

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