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By prince.thomas ·
Is there any posibility to take remote desktop access of a XP-machine which is in same network without asking permission???? Please give me your valuable suggestions on this.. Waiting in anticipation.

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Valuable Suggestion #1:

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Remote desktop

Would you want someone to do this without you being in agreement? Hmm?

No you wouldn't!

Now go away little man, and get a life.

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by prince.thomas In reply to Valuable Suggestion #1:

Not like that...In my office Premises someone is taking control of my machine without my permission and its irritating me a lot. Is there any posiiblity to trace him/her?? I tried disabling the related services and all..still...

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Remote Desktop doesn't usually mean same network ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Misunderstood!!!!

More like Scotland - Australia.

Y'know: country to country, continent to continent.

Report it to your Sysy Admin, you'll probably find it's him/her that's doing it!

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Yes, easy!!!

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Remote desktop

You need to be the network administrator.

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by prince.thomas In reply to Yes, easy!!!

See boss..That doesn't matter..I know he/she is using some softwares for that. It jst started. Iam jst asking suggestions on this because as per my knowledge i tried basic steps to trace it out like disabling services, changing login password etc..what should i suspect still if the issue persists. Please let me know if there is any software available for that which is able to cross the microsoft boundaries.

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WRONG !! See Prince.. That DOES matter...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Again!!!

You've got to know your place in life.

You are fairly far down the food chain of networking. If the sys admin is using "some softwares" that is because of the responsibilities of the sys admin job.

What is preventing you from reporting your suspicions to the sys admin?

Or are you a s I suspect, simply a wannabee out to secretly cause chaos on your network?

If you want a serious answer, start with some facts rather than vague statements - WHAT is happening to your workstation?

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Its OK, but....

by prince.thomas In reply to WRONG !! See Prince.. Th ...

No..i am not a wannabee, but eager to know whts happing to my machine, Y i want to allow others to interfere in my job.This is quite unfemiliar to me as well.
I am expecting valuable suggestions from seniors like you.

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One more...

by prince.thomas In reply to WRONG !! See Prince.. Th ...

The person who takes control is not my system Administrator.I am sure on that, because when ever i comes back after break one notepad will be opened in my desktop with a challenging quote saying that you cant block me..and he'll start to control my mouse from his machine.

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I strongly suggest you use / take the upper hand ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to One more...

Next time you go for your break, go and talk to the Sys Admin.

Tell the Sys Admin what is happening and that your screen always has the open notepad and the taunt when you return. Maybe the Sys Admin won't find it as funny as whomever is playing this game.

Interfering with a another workstation on a network is a criminal offence, punishable by dismissal at worst.

Report the matter.

The Sys Admin won't find it funny.

If you want some proof, take a photograph of the offending screen and take that to the Sys Admin.


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hmm..I will do that

by prince.thomas In reply to I strongly suggest you us ...

K, thnks. u mean to say tht whoever it is, jst kick him off. isn't it??? Ok thn i'll report it to my site in charge thn.
Mean while can you please search it out whether any possibility is there for doing so by breaking the windows security policies..
K thnks for your valuable updates. will keep in touch for further assistance. Bye Bye..

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