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Remote Desktop Access

By Rampa ·
How many ways access Remote System, what are they, what r the restrictions and required things

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My way of looking at it.

by rich_wan_kenobi In reply to Remote Desktop Access

I?m only a student but I don't like the idea of getting access to someone?s computer from your own. If your network isn't fully I mean ?fully? safe, the open ports that leaves might cause some hacking problems. I would just walk to the office or work desk they are at and fix the problem from there. That?s only my option. It?s a great idea, but still needs some security fixes or I like to see a third party application that can monitor open ports. (I know you can in windows but geez that?s one hard way to do it lol)

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need more info....

by srikanthpavan.k In reply to Remote Desktop Access

I'm a novice in networking.But in this matter i know some useful info.
So, assuming that you are using windows I proceed

>>In the Control-Panel, select the
System icon;
(or right-click "My Computer" on the desktop
and select Properties)

>>Select the tab ; Remote

>>By default, "Remote Desktop"
is not activated.

>>check the box to activate,
to allow users to connect remotely
to this computer.

>>Then Select the Remote Users.

>>Any users with Administrator permission
will have automatically access permissions,
other users will have to be added.

>>u can even access remote systems using ftp,telnet protocols.

>>if u r having a linux box u can even use rlogin, rsh and rcp.

>>please revert me incase of any mistakes.

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all birds on one shot

by webjabber In reply to Remote Desktop Access

try to check , it solves all your issues.

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