Remote Desktop Access

By Stealthpyro ·
Hello all,

Kind of a noob type question, but here it goes..

I am trying to setup remote desktop to be able to access my server (Server 2003) from outside the network.

I can forward the port and all that and access it via the IP, but I would like to use a name instead of an IP to connect.

What would I need to go about doing this?

I can do something from, or, but I would rather not use that type of thing.

Again, noob type question but any help would be great. Thanks!

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Then get a static public IP address.

by seanferd In reply to Remote Desktop Access

And pay some other party to host your domain name.

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by TobiF In reply to Remote Desktop Access

If you're accessing from one single computer, then you can add a corresponding entry in the HOSTS file, which you would typically find here in Vista and XP:

Although the file doesn't have any extension, it's a text file, so you can open it in Notepad.

But you need elevated rights to write the file to this location. Either run Notepad as administrator and open the file from inside Notepad, or save your modified entry to some other location and then use windows explorer to delete the txt extension and move it to the correct place.

BUT: If you want something convenient, then why don't you just save the connection parameters as a file (*.rdp). Then you simply double-click this file to start your session!

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I cannot think of any other ways to do that

by robo_dev In reply to Remote Desktop Access

In order to associate your IP, which I assume is dynamic, to a hostname, you need DNS.

A static IP address would work ($$), and then you could register your domain name ($$).

Dyndns works very well. Many routers support dynamic DNS services, or you can install it as a service on a server. Personally I've been using dyndns for about three years with no issues.

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Only one small issue with DynDNS...

by TobiF In reply to I cannot think of any oth ...

DynDNS has helped me a lot when it comes to connecting to my home environment from different places.

I've only noted one small issue:
It turns out that when I used the Windows client for automatic update of dynamic dns, it build logs, which only grew and grew. After a year, I had about 5 gigabyte of logs on my hard drive!

But, a minute after I noted this, the logs were gone :)

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Good tip, I am going to check that

by robo_dev In reply to Only one small issue with ...

The box that I use to run the client has been awful pokey lately....

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Is that the official DynDNS Updater client?

by seanferd In reply to Only one small issue with ...

And is it logging every IP check as well as every update sent?

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Don't know, and yes

by TobiF In reply to Is that the official DynD ...

I downloaded the official client from DynDNS (made by Kana Solution, version 17.09.2006 Version

I have discarded all logs. I DO have appr one DVD from my full computer backup, but don't want to restore just to read the entries.

I'm sure it kept every IP sent (step-by-step).
And since that was step by step, then I'm afraid it was logging every ip-check, as well.
With such verbose settings, one should reuse the log after a while...

The last couple of years I've been blessed with dyndns-aware routers, so I haven't used the PC client so much.

I'd guess they have updated their updater by now. :)

Anyway, the log location (in Vista) was: C:\Users\Accountname\AppData\Roaming\Kana Solution\DynDNS Updater

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Ah. Thanks.

by seanferd In reply to Don't know, and yes

It's just that I'm a bit (just a bit) of a student of dynamic IP updaters, so I was just curious if logging every check was part of the reason the log was so large. If it was verbosely logging every little thing, I expect that would do it as well! I would think there would be a logging-level setting for something that logs so profusely by default, be we have all seen dumber things, haven't we. [←notice distinct lack of question mark]

I just wish more routers would support a generic DDNS update input string, and allow for HTTPS ("like, duh").

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by Stealthpyro In reply to Remote Desktop Access

Thanks for the suggestions & Information.

What I am going to do is just setup a few computers through Hamachi - which will give those a static IP, and I will go from there and possibly just make a sub domain and point it to those IPs for now.

Thanks again!

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