Remote Desktop between 2 workgroups behind 2 router/gateways.

By Robin.Astell ·
I wonnder if anyone can assist me?
We have 2 offices both of which use Linksys WAG300N Modem/Router/Gateways for internet access.
All PC's run WinXP Pro SP2 and are in peer-to-peer configuration (no servers).
We wish to use Remote Desktop/Remote Web Access to enable management of one site from the other.
Please can you assist with the relevant instructions.
Especially how to set up the VPN and configure the Router/Gateways.
And how to address the computers behind the Routers. Both of the Routers use the same private IP address ranges ( but this can be changed.
Additional info:
1. The remote peer-to-peer network has a WAG300N Modem/gateway/routers using an external fixed IP addressed provided by its ISP (Fixed
2. The local WAG300N Modem/gateway/routers has a dynamic IP address issued by a different ISP (currently in the range, Mask, Gateway

Any assistance would be appreciated.
If additional information is required do let me know.

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