Remote Desktop Connection across Domains

By sparkyboy22 ·
I am having difficulty with remote desktop connection. I am trying to connect to my home pc from my work laptop. Both systems are set to allow remote desktop connections. My home pc is running vista ultimate and the work laptop is running vista business.

The difficulty I am having is that my work laptop is set for a domain name ***** where as my home network is set as workgroup.

I can access shared items on machines connected to my home network yet cannot remote desktop.

Any ideas what I can do to connect without having to change the domain on my work laptop?
I would prefer to not have to change my home settings to match the work laptop either.

Any help ratefully received.

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where are you pysically

by mark In reply to Remote Desktop Connection ...

remote desktop should not care if you are on the same network. Did you get a windows login where you enter the name and password and specify if you are using a network or local account? are you using the ip address or name of the computer to connect? I would go into the properties of my computer and select the remote tab. make sure remote is turned on and then see who is listed as having access to remote to that machine.

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by sparkyboy22 In reply to where are you pysically

When I try to connect I am at home. TRhe laptop is using wifi to home network and pc is attached using wire.

Wouldnt get to the login screen. Remote is tunred on and I am set for access. When I try to connect I get the message - This computer Can't connect to the remote computer.

I have tried connecting to the IP and name and workgroup\name

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I am still stumped

by sparkyboy22 In reply to Hmmmm

I tried it the other way round and i can connect to the laptop from the pc but still cant figure out why not the other way round.

I have checked firewall settings no change. I disabled firewall and antivirus and still cant connect.

Any ideas please.

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port 3389 open?

by ian.hutty In reply to I am still stumped

From another PC, can you try from command window 'Telnet <IP or HOSTNAME of destination PC> 3389' - what do you get?

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by sparkyboy22 In reply to port 3389 open?

Not sure what I have done but I cannot connect through the computer name but can through the ip address.

I was using the wrong one before!

Thanks for all your help

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