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By charlotte ·
I am having difficulty maintaining the connection when logging in to RDC on Win XP Pro. After approx. 10 seconds, the lost connection icon appears in the upper right corner. After another 30 seconds, the connection is re-established.

I have narrowed down the issue to the host as I have logged in from two separate remote sites from a Win XP Pro box and a Windows 2000 box.

Any suggestions?

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by clarkd038 In reply to Remote Desktop Connection ...

You could make sure that the box that you are trying to remote into has the latest drivers especially for the nic card. Then check the remote settings, just to make sure that everything is correct there.

You could also just check the computer out, maybe it is an older computer or there is a problem with one of the components, but i would first update the Nic card, and see what the connection speed is set to.

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After updates...

by AruJammer In reply to update

Make sure you have a good MTU value.

surf to to analyse this

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Things to try...

by Johnson.Charles.C In reply to Remote Desktop Connection ...

I agree with the updating of both the host and remote PC's. Both should be running the same version of Remote Desktop (newer version available now through MS update). MTU speed is a key factor as well as the drivers for both NICs themselves.
What to do? Before or after the above, open a CMD prompt and PING with the "-t" switch, the target PC. You should see relatively stable TIME and TTL. Now initiate your connection to the target machine and window it so that the CMD box is still visible. When/IF you see the connection icon appear, watch the CMD prompt for hiccups, or increased TIME or TTL's. If none of this occurs and your connection icon appears and disappears with no change in TIME/TTL, then you can see that your issue is with just the Remote Desktop Protocol, and not your connection to the target machine.
Make sure you use the same version of the RDP protocol on both machines, whether 5.2 or the new 6.0 version.

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More information

by charlotte In reply to Things to try...

I have downloaded the RDP update to the host station. I have also downloaded the driver for the NIC card. I have done the ping -t test and there doesn't seem to be any issues there. The problem is still present. Interestingly enough, I do not have any difficulties with VNC.

The remote station I am logging in from at this moment is from a Windows 2000 and did not see a microsoft update for RDP. However, tried to log in to 2 other host RDP stations on the same site and got the same response--nothing. The mouse does not respond and the dropped connection icon flashes.

I changed the MTU setting on the router from 1400 to 1350 but did not seem to make a difference. The router is a D-Link 704UP.

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