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    remote desktop credentials


    by mark ·

    I have a client that logs into my server. He uses one account to login to a specific application(no desktop). I have the login and password in the icon for him and he just clicks on it and it logs him in. I tried adding another icon for the same server with different login and password to run a differen application at login. The problem is it changed the original icons login and password. the workstation is xp sp2 and he has the most recent rdp client. His companies network is generally locked down and they had to give added writes just to create the icon. Any ideas?

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      by mark ·

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      Edit current icon

      by patb071 ·

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      Have you tried editing the current icon by right-clicking the icon, edit, and change the username and password?

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      RDP caches the credentials …

      by churdoo ·

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      … with the server name, not with the icon. So can you give your server another alias which A records or CNAMEs to the same IP as the first? example and which each resolve to your same server IP.

      If you can’t create an alias, then use the DNS canonical name in one icon and the IP address for the second icon and RDP will cache separate credentials for each.

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        OR just different entries in the local HOSTS file ??

        by 1bn0 ·

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          nice one

          by churdoo ·

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          didn’t think of that 🙂

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          I had the advantage of a similar problem.

          by 1bn0 ·

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          We have a three site Video Conference and SmartBoard setup. The SmartBoard uses NetMeeting for sharing the desktop between sites.

          Could not find a simple stand-alone ILS server and NetMeeting is simple but kind of braindead application. You can add site entries to its address list but it still shows the IP in the drop down list.

          By adding entries to the HOSTS file I was able to allow the users to enter site names, e.g. Headquarters, EastCoast, WestCoast into Netmeeting. THe HOST file provided the associated IP address and NetMeeting would save the Site Name in the drop down list for the next user.

          I just thought I would provide my working requirement in case the example helps someone else solve a similar problem.

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        by mark ·

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        Thanks, I actually came to the same conclusion after a little more testing and used the ip address. I’m not sure why microsoft is taking the liberty of changing another file like that, but what are you going to do.

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