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Remote Desktop for Win2K Pro?

By hombresito ·
Is there a remote desktop connection solution that I can use for a Windows 2000 Professional that will allow me to connect from an XP machine to the Win2K machine?

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Not "REMOTE Desktop" per say but yes there is

by TomSal In reply to Remote Desktop for Win2K ...

Specifically talking of the "official" remote connection of Microsoft called "Remote Desktop", no there isn't. I have a w2k pro box with the Remote Desktop application I downloaded from Microsoft but it only allows me to connect FROM my w2k box TO a WinXP box, not the other way around.

Of course you can still accomplish remote control if you use one of the many varieties of VNC. I prefer RealVNC, before that I used TightVNC. Both are freeware that you can easily find by doing a google search on them.

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another way to enable remote desktop in win 2000 pro

by kumar_sriram In reply to Not "REMOTE Desktop" per ...

Is there another way to enable remote desktop in win 2000 professional with out using any third party tools?

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Try TeamViewer!

by jvalverde In reply to Not "REMOTE Desktop" per ...

TomSal is correct; however, I've tried a free remote control utility called "teamviewer" ( and I'm really impressed with it. I think it's even more powerful than VNC. Try it and let us know what you think. I hope this helps.

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Not Built-In

by Dennis.Rhine In reply to Remote Desktop for Win2K ...

There isn't one bundled in. I use a program called DameWare Mini-Remote. It is small, inexpensive, and works like a charm. You can install the client from your desktop (and uninstall it if you want). Also the license is written on a per computer basis from the technical support person and not the supported. we have five techs supporting 250 computers so we have a 5-user license.

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This may sound dumb...

by house In reply to Remote Desktop for Win2K ...

...and please correct me if I'm wrong.

Can't you set up Terminal Services for remote administration to access the 2k machine?

Personally, I'd rather use a third party VNC solution though.

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UltraVNC vs. Terminal Services on Win2K

by caromerofwd In reply to This may sound dumb...

I'm pretty sure Terminal Svcs. is only an option if you're using Win2K Server, not Pro. (I've used Terminal Services on Win2K server before, and I like it a lot-- the chief drawback being that having the service up disables Windows hibernation, which I also like.)

I've used UltraVNC extensively for this kind of thing:

Open source, faster and more feature-rich than (but compatible with) the other VNC implementations, Supports Windows authentication for remote access, has file transfer and chat between host and client in addition to remote control, very slick overall.

Doesn't support printing and audio over the network the way Remote Desktop Connection/Terminal Services would, and isn't quite as fast. But other than that it's a great, great tool. I'd pay money for it in a heartbeat.

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