Remote desktop in Windows 2000 Server

By arun.s ·
I have one pblm, I'm using win2000 server. when i tried to provide permission to enable Remote Desktop,I took my computer property and there is no such tag to give permission(remote tag is not there).Also I want to know how to install terminal Services in my system?

I installed remote desktop by using winxp cd but it came as client, ie we can connect to other system and from other system to mine is not possible.. How to give remote desktop permission and how to install terminal services.(in my windows component list, terminal services is not showing)

I would greately appreciate your earliest response

Arun S

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are you sure

by lowlands In reply to Remote desktop in Windows ...

In Windows 2000 Server you do install Terminal Services through Add/Remove Programs and then Windows components. It will ask you if you want to install in remote administration mode (2 simultaneous connections)or application mode (unlimited connections). Windows 200 workstation does not have terminal services, so if you don't see it in add/remove programs, that's probably what you are using. To set permissions, use Terminal Services Configuraton from the administrative tools. Doubleclick on the RDP-tcp connection and you see a permissions tab.

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remote administration & Terminal Services

by CG IT In reply to Remote desktop in Windows ...

Lowlands gave you the info to install Terminal Services on W2K server.

To get remote desktop on XP machines click the system Icon in the control panel, then click the remote tab. Remote assistance and remote desktop are on the same page.

for us to give you a suggestion on why you can remote in from your system but not remote in to your system, we need to know how they are connected together. If the XP firewall is turned on, you have to make an exception in the firewall for remote desktop.

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