Remote Desktop login causes "Terminal Services Warning"

By bob ·
Hi,I am running Windows 2000 sbs service pack 4 and get the error below. I am not using terminal services but remote desktop stopped working on this server on other machines last month and now it looks like my machine will stop working soon. I am the only admin user that logs into this. Does anyone know what causes this and how to fix it?

Terminal Services Warning
Your terminal services temporary client license will expire in 15 days. Please contact your system administrator to get a permanent license.

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a few things to check

by lowlands In reply to Remote Desktop login caus ...

See if you server is running in admin or user mode. Not 100% sure about SBS, but 'regular' 2000 servers would only throw that error in user mode.

This article might also be of help:

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didnt work

by bob In reply to a few things to check

Hi, I deleted the registry keys but it didn't fix it. I am also using it it admin mode. Any other ideas?


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also try

by lowlands In reply to didnt work

deleting the same registry keys on the desktop you use to connect to this server. Reboot your workstation and try again.

disclaimer - make a backup of they key in case ladeeda etc :)

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Client registry keys didn't work either

by bob In reply to Remote Desktop login caus ...

Hi, i also tried it on a linux machine with remote desktop and it doesn't like it either.

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by bob In reply to Client registry keys didn ...

Hi, I fixed it by stopping the Terminal Services Licencing Service. No more anyyoying popups and why couldn't microsoft think of this!

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