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Remote Desktop on Mac and Windows (Teamviewer alternative)

By seanocaster ·

I have been using Teamviewer free version for many years and it has always been good to log into a remote machine when I occasionally needed to do something. Sometimes I have been given a commercial usage warning which was inconvenient but then the error went away and I could use it again. I'm not at a point where Teamviewer is giving me this error all the time and it is unusable. Even tho i realistically use 5-10 minutes per week of usage.

I would like to stop using Teamviewer and use my own means of connecting remotely to the 3 or 4 computers that I need to access. This consists of Mac and Windows machines. I purchased Screen 4 which has almost all of the functionality. The one thing that is missing (which is what Teamviewer did so well) is the ability to access machines which were behind a firewall. Because I do not have access to open ports.

I have some experience with reverse ssh (on Mac and Linux) so I think I can get the reverse ssh tunnel setup conformable on those platforms, but I am not sure about Windows. I think, once the ssh tunnel is setup, Screens 4 will do the rest using the VNC protocol.

I was just wondering, is anyone aware of any better way to access remote machines (Mac and Win) across wan's where we don't have access to routers/port forwarding ?

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have you considered LogMeIn,

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to Remote Desktop on Mac and ...

as an answer to your problem.
Remote workstations would have the "unattended Access" client installed, if needed.
LogMeIn worked quite well for me, as did TeamViewer which never gave any warning despite the sometimes considerable amount of time I used it.


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Yes, I have seen a few other alternatives

by seanocaster In reply to have you considered LogMe ...

Thanks for the reply. Teamviewer has worked for so long and has always done what i've needed it to do like checking a document etc. but I have just become fed up now that it is no longer working for me. I log in and second later get logged out due to 'commercial activity' - as far as I know it is a common team viewer problem. I could try one of the other LogMeIn type solutions but I was hoping to find my own way where I would have full control. I will keep reading, thanks.

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Best get legit.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Remote Desktop on Mac and ...

The revelation you don't have access to the routers/port forwarding tells me you need to work with the company/IT/owners to get your work legitimized by the owners.

I find that avoiding this work or "getting around" eventually comes back to haunt those that want to avoid revealing to the company or others they are essentially hacking their way in.

A good IT will shield the company from the reverse SSH on the company networks so that may not work for long.

Anyhow, with that out of the way, why not VNC? I've used many flavors of VNC over the years over SSH. VNC is on almost all OSes.

Closing statement: I take this is about a remote solution and not about SSH.

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by seanocaster In reply to Best get legit.

Thanks for the reply. I will look into it.

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