Remote Desktop Services and WAN Printing

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I have a scenario where I am trying to find the most efficient way to setup my printing solution. I ave a corp office and a branch office.

My WAN networks are as such. In the corp office there is a 6Mbs 'internet' circuit(bonded T1's) and a 1.5Mbs(T1) MPLS circuit to the branch office. In the branch office I have a TWCBC 15/3Mbs(cable) internet circuit and a 1.5Mbs(T1) MPLS circuit to the corp office. I have connectivity through the MPLS circuit or I have ports open for RDP through the firewall to allow our users to RDP to our server.

I have 15-20 users in the branch office that RDP to an application server to gain access to our ERP software. I originally had everyone coming across the MPLS and setting the printer up on their RD to print to the printer server at the remote branch. Printing large documents seemed to be slow sending all that data across a 1.5Mb circuit, but it was functioning. We then turned up SIP trunks at remote branch and it also used the MPLS circuit. Call quality was bad so I thought it was a bandwidth issue so I changed all the RDP connections at the remote branch to use public IP and come across the internet circuits and also use local printer redirection. That way all the data traffic was using the larger tubes and would not affect the VoIP call quality.

In the end, the provider did not set QoS up right so after 2 months we finally got that resolved. However I am getting complaints from my remote users that printing is causing havoc. 2-3 times a day they are having to logoff their remote session and reconnect in order to print.

After all this I am just wondering which is the most efficient way to print?
1) WAN print server
2) Printer redirection on client
3) WAN printer from local print server

Keep in mind option 1 and 3 are using a single T1 only and option 3 would have a 6Mbs at the corp office and a 3Mbs upload at the remote branch.

Thanks for your help.

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