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I have a customer who connects from an XP machine to a windows 2000 server utilising Remote Desktop Connection. each time the log off and reconnect their local printer is given a new session number ie FX Docuprint 204a/session14. The application they print from is very specific and if you set it to print to this printer and then log off a new session number is given to the printer which prevents the application they are using from finding the printer. Is there a way of makeing the printer session consistant so that it never changes? Thanks for you help.

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Check this info it may help

by Jacky Howe In reply to REMOTE DESKTOP SESSION PR ...

Microsoft Terminal Services supports redirecting printers with either automatic or manual redirection, allowing applications to print to a local printer attached to the LPT and COM ports on the client workstation. After the initial manual redirection, the printer connection will be reestablished on subsequent connections. However, the format used for the printer name for each session is "Client Printer Name/Client Computer Name/Session Number" (e.g., "LaserJet 2100 on LPT1 Session 35). When the client reconnects through Terminal Services, a new session number is applied. Therefore, the printer information written to the STI.INI file is no longer applicable. In order to retain printer settings for a local printer, do one of the following:

Manually install the print driver on the server so that automatic printer redirection may be used

Configure the printer to use a standard TCP/IP printer port

Share the printer over the network.

For more information, see the "Print Terminal Server Applications to Local Printer" section of Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 306566, "How to Connect Clients to Terminal Services by Using a Terminal Services Client in Windows 2000". For more information regarding printing with Windows 2003 Server, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 818758, "White Paper: Terminal Services and Printing".
Note: Printer redirection capabilities vary with the Operating System on the Terminal Services server. Microsoft recommends that the server's built-in printer drivers (also referred to as native drivers) are used for each printer, as they have been thoroughly tested and approved for Terminal Services environments.

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Publish the printer

by Nimmo In reply to REMOTE DESKTOP SESSION PR ...

you might want to check if the printer has been published in AD.

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You'll need to map the printer from the server.

by bart777 In reply to REMOTE DESKTOP SESSION PR ...

If this program is that finicky you'll have to map the printer directly from the server. This will make sure tha teh printer is there no matter if the user logs off or get's a different session number (which they will every time the reconnect).

You might want to dig into the application settings a bit to see if there is a way to fix this problme so that the server won't have a bunch of printers on it that you don't really want to deal with.

Best of luck.

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