Remote desktop to PC using connect to SBS

By Steve ·
Hi we have a PC that connects remotely to our SBS2003 server using "Connect to Small Business Server". We need to get a remote desktop connection to that PC from a PC outside our network to resolve a software issue in some bespoke software. All is well with remote desktop until the connection to the SBS is opened and then the Remote desktop is kicked off. Remote desktop will not work again until the connection to the sbs is dropped.
Can any one throw some light on a possible resolution to this?
Many thanks in advance.

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you don't do it that way

by CG IT In reply to Remote desktop to PC usin ...

when you use the connect to the Small Busines Server client program, what your doing is making a VPN Remote Access connection in. So, the computer your on is connected to the network as if it were a desktop at work.

you can access other computers on the network via shared folders, OR you can use the \\domain name\computername\share path from the command line.

Another way is using RWW [remote web workplace] RWW will give you the option of connecting to your workstation from the RWW home page provided that remote desktop is enabled and your account has permission to access that desktop via Remote Access.

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Remote Assistance or LogMeIn

by TechSoEasy In reply to Remote desktop to PC usin ...

If I understand you correctly... you have a PC that is connecting via VPN which you are then trying to connect to it's desktop from another PC that's external to your LAN?

If the PC that you want to access is a member of the domain, then you should be able to use Remote Assistance to connect. You can launch that from the Client Computers snap-in of the Server Management Console. Enter that computer's IP address to connect. (You can find out what it's IP address is by looking in RRAS > Remote Access Clients > status).

If it's not a member of the domain, then I'd suggest that the connection be made directly between the two PCs rather than going through the SBS. In this case, the best tool to use is Sign up for the free trial which is fully functional.

Jeffrey B. Kane [MVP] Small Business Server
San Francisco

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Remote Pc Anywhere Use Teamviewer

by blue_nike2903 In reply to Remote desktop to PC usin ...

I think better use <a href="">Teamviewer</a href>.simple. Make you can control and remote your computer from anywhere anytime. Teach you step by step to remote pc from anywhere.It's FREE!!
Here if you want tutorial step by step with picture how to remote pc use <a href="">Teamviewer</a href>

<a href="">Tutorial Remote Pc Use Teamviewer</a href>

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