Remote Desktop to Windows SBS 2003

By mrsamymiller ·
I have set up a SBS and enabled remote access through the wizard. I can access the remote desktop from computers on the LAN but when I try to use remote desktop connection on any outside computers to access the server it will not allow me. What am I missing?

Obviously I got the server with SBS 2003 preinstalled so I did not configure it by scratch.

Also, actual domain name is XYZ.local and not

I hope this is enough info to go on. As you can tell, I'm new at this and doing it as a favor for a friend. Thanks in advance.

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You ever heard of network address translation and port forwarding?

by ManiacMan In reply to Remote Desktop to Windows ...

How do you expect to RDP into your server on a private non routable network from a PC that is targeting a private IP address on a different private non routable network? You do realize that there is something called the "internet" in between your private networks with public IP addressing? You'd need to setup a firewall rule on the remote router or firewall to allow TCP port 3389 traffic to pass through your firewall and you'll also need to create a NAT entry to map your server's private IP address to a public IP address provided by your ISP that you can target your RDP client with.

Also, if you're not experienced with this, do not call yourself a "consultant" because you are insulting people like me who've been doing this for over a decade. i can understand if you're entry level, but when I meet somebody who claims they are an IT consultant, I don't expect questions like this to be coming from them.

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Running short on sleep?

by bart777 In reply to You ever heard of network ...

I understand your frustration ManiacMan, but please try to remember that we all had to start at the bottom with little knowledge.

Over time we learn these things. I know LOTS of people who are wizards at server issues but can't route a packet to save their lives.

Another thing to keep in mind is that we all have days when we just draw a blank. If thys have been staring at this problem for a long time they may just be asking for that second set of eyes to help with the issue. How many times have you been staring at a problem only to have another person come up and point out the problem in under 10 seconds?

Now to Mrsamy,
Maniacman is correct. Open the 3389 port and forward it to the server address and you should be golden. Please don't be afraid to come back here and ask further questions if you have the need to. We are all trying to help each other but sometimes we just have bad and frustrating days.

Best of luck.

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