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I am trying to control and launch a program on the remote computer. So far I've been able to control and view the remote computer's desktop on my computer, but what I want is so that I can launch a program on the remote computer and have it running on the remote's monitor. So far the only way I can see to do this is to have the remote computer 'invite' a expert.

Is this the only way?

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I have same objective - found this link. . .

by Dan Aquinas In reply to Remote Desktop Viewing on ...

Because of the nebulousness I have found around the topic of "starting program on remote control", please let me restate the objective so all are clear (sorry if my explanation is long):

OBJECTIVE: start a program, one having a GUI, on a remote computer and have it execute and run thereafter on that computer, even after the "connection" made from the initiating computer is closed.

This is a different objective from most "remote control" software (e.g., Window's 'Remote Desktop', VNC, Telnet, SSH, etc) in that I do *not* want to have my computer acting as if I were instead at the remote computer. Stated in different words, the program stored on the remote computer's desk is to be run on (at?) the remote computer, it is just the initiation of running that program (an .EXE, .CMD, etc.) was started/done by my computer.

I realize this is a security risk, for in a sense, this is exactly what hackers/pirates do who want to run run their program (once it gets onto your computer) on your (remote) computer. Only they do not want to be detected, where as my objective is legitimate (I'm testing software) and I purposely want the executed program's GUI to be seen.

I found the following link, which has some good information:

I have not tried the code provided, but hope to do so soon.

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