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By e.zer0 ·
We have a Windows 2003 Server located at our main store. We also have a store computer which I wish to connect to off-site. Through the web I connect to my Win2k3 Server and use remote desktop web connection to connect to the store computer. This store computer has a printer. I wish to print to this store printer but have that store computer forward the print job to the computer I am using off-site. So in essence anything I print at the remote computer will end up on my computer that is off-site. Is this possible?? I'm really confused on how this works or if I am on the right track...thanks...

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I'm confused too

by ctmcswain In reply to Remote Desktop Web Connec ...

Are you remote desktoped into one server, and then from that server remote desktoped into another computer and wanting to print on the machine that you're physically sitting at? You should be able to "weave" it back through those two connections but it could be a little dicey. But I would like to suggest looking into a product called LogMeIn. I KNOW I KNOW it's not remote desktop but you can sign up for a free account and see if you like it. Check into it.

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I Agree

by rkuhn In reply to Remote Desktop Web Connec ...

You probably could setup a virtual printer port and direct it back to the PC physically in front of you but that'd be dicey and probably extremely slow if you did ever get it to work.

Why are you remote connecting to the server first? I agree with LogMeIn or at least remote directly into the store PC.

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Remote Desktop to computer over internet

by e.zer0 In reply to I Agree

ok...I have a computer on my network that I would like to access over the internet at another building. So I thought that I would connect to my win2k3 server over the internet since it has a web site that allows you to connect using remote desktop through the web. (On win2k3 if you type in ie explorer: \\(ip-adress)\tsweb
this is remote desktop is it not?

So Once ive connected it asks for the computer name of the computer that I want to connect to. So in the end I have connected off-site through the internet, through my win2k3 machine, to my store computer at the main office. Once I have connected I want to print to that store machine but I want the print job to print on my local computer that I am connecting from (which is off-site)...make sense??

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But Again...

by rkuhn In reply to Remote Desktop to compute ...

Why not just connect to it directly?

RDC or mstsc.exe

Then just share printers.

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