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    Remote Desktop Web Connection


    by khojewal ·

    Hey every1, I wanted to set up a remote desktop web connection so I could connect to my computer from school. I followed all the instructions to do it. I went to Add/Remove Components and installed the Remote Desktop Web Connection and then I went to http://(my IP)/tsweb and it worked. But!!! When I asked sum1 else to try and go there, or I tried to go to it from school, it did not work. There is no such site! If ne1 has any suggestions tell me. If sum1 has done a remote desktop web connection before and knows how, please tell me a step by step way of how you did it so that I can try and do it over. Please Help Every1!!!!

    Also let me know how do you assign Public IP Address.


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      by a.bennett ·

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      You may find that your school has a firewall or proxy server in place that blocks traffic on port 3389 which is used to establish the remote desktop connection. If this is the case, you need to talk to your firewall administrator.

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      by joe41 ·

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      1. Are you running a firewall at home?? EX. Zone alarm? If so you need to alllow connectections from your work desktop.

      2. Are you connected behind a router? If so, you need to enable port forwarding and forward traffic on port 3389 to your internal address.
      You may be trying to connect to your internal address instead of your routers external address.

      3. Is your network connection DCHP? It is possible that whenever you connect to the Internet your computer is being assigned a different IP. In such case it will be difficult to use RDP (unless you are connected to the Internet via a broadband connection. In this case unless your turn off the PC, your IP will most likely remain the same.)

      Good Luck.

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