Remote DHCP Console Access

By craig ·
We have set-up a nice little admin.msc that allows access to the various resources on our various machines. So one admin console allows us to look at the events, shares, dfs, etc of all of the machines directly from our desktop. One that we have not been able to do is DHCP. The issue is that the DHCP Snap-in connects to the DHCP Server by a different TCP Port each time you open the console. This means the only way to maintain the DHCP Server is to remote desktop to the server and open the console there, put a pinhole in the firewall, or turn off the firewall.
Does anyone have a way to lock the port that the mmc snap-in for DHCP uses when communicating with the server, or which program on the server I need to make an exception for in the firewall for this to work?

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re: Remote DHCP Console Access

by arnel_porlas In reply to Remote DHCP Console Acces ...

I am also encountering same problem, and up to now, I can't find any solution. Help please?

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Hamachi... quick and dirty VPN/VLAN

Download and install the free version of Hamachi on the server, and create a network group with description and password. It will get an IP address like This is in addition to the IP address that is already running on the system's LAN interface.

Download and install it on your "outside" PC, and join the network group. It will get an IP like Once they are in the same group, you can MSC like crazy to the first unit's IP address, without having to pinhole the router. Its extremely secure and allows any network ports across it securely.

The free version allows up to 16 machines in a group, and allows logging into 64 different groups at the same time.
The paid version allows 256 users per group and 256 groups. It costs $39.95/yr.

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