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By ewallig ·
Hi all, I'm looking to expand my W2K environment to a second site in the near future. This site, located some 3000 miles away will be used primarily as a computer lab where students who use our on-line curriculum but don't have easy access to a computer will be able to come and work on their classes.

As everyone is aware, money is tight. As such, management does not plan on hiring an additional LAN manager for the site. I want to keep points of failure to a bare minimum for this site, so I was thinking about using thin clients for the workstations and minimize additional on-site hardware (servers, etc).

I know that in the past, conventional wisdom says "don't span the WAN" for resources - my question is: does that still hold true today? If both sites have high-speed, dedicated connections (T1, etc) to their ISP's and are connected by site-to-site VPN, can the thin clients at the remote site successfully login to the domain controller at the local site and use the local Terminal Server? Other than possible Internet problems, what other pitfalls might I encounter?

If you have experience with this type of deployment, would you pleae share your experiences? Thanks

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