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Remote execution

By steve.sawyers ·
I have a programmer who wants to be able to run a program on a windows 2000 server from an AS400 system. Can anyone tell me of a way of doimg this without compromising the security of the windows server?

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Remote execution

by curlergirl In reply to Remote execution

I don't see how it could be done without compromising security at all. Depending upon what the program does, he would have to have some sort of logon access to the Win2K server to run his program within an appropriate security context. You would probably have to give him a logon that would allow him to run his program in a security context that has at least "log on as a service" and "act as part of the operating system" as well as "log on locally" rights. To my mind, this compromises the security of the server, because it is allowing a remote connection to perform these actions. However, if the action is taking place behind a firewall of some sort (i.e., all communication is done within the local intranet), I would think that the security compromise would be acceptable if the programmer's work is important to the company. If it's just for a test or some sort of "self-challenge" to see if he can do it, as an administrator I'd say "no way." Hope this helps!

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Remote execution

by steve.sawyers In reply to Remote execution

Both servers are behind a firewall. The program that needs to be run will be run on a regular basis by various users signed on to the AS400 system. The program is an Intranet update that the programmer wants to kick off when data has been updated onthe AS400 system. The original idea was to use the ftp SITE EXEC command but this is where the security worries came in. Also the windows server runs IIS4 and this ftp server does not have SITE EXEC command. Is there any other way to kick this job off?

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