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By v2kish ·
Hi ,
I would like to install a software directly from the server to client machine with out downloading and install . using any command from the system to that location of software then it install to that system. is it possible ?
if how can it please give your ideas.
Thanking you in advance

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by TobiF In reply to Remote installation

In most cases, when you "install" something, you run a special program (installer) which will:
- Copy different files to different locations on a hard drive
- Write some values to the registry

If the installation needs to happen on this remote computer, then, typically, you'll need to have the remote CPU run this code. (That would be the "installing" part)

In order to run any code on a system, the code first needs to be placed in a location where the local OS can access it through standard file operations. (Moving the file to a locally accessible place is sometimes referred to as "Downloading")

So, if you have the installation software available on a file share, then you can have the remote computer access this share and execute the installation software without copying it to the local HD.

But if the software is only available through, say, http, then you'll need to first download it. However, most browsers give you this nice option: Save file, or run directly. (Note, however, the "run directly" option will still download the file first, to a temporary location, before it can run it.)

If we're talking terminal server etc, then everything is different. In that case, the software is run on the server and the client is just using a network connection for interaction.)

The biggest problem with your question is that you don't tell us enough about your situation. What server? What client? What kind of network? (domain/internet/?)

Or are you looking for ways to install malware on visitors to your website? Then you're on the wrong site. TR forum won't help you with that.

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Thanks for your information

by v2kish In reply to Huh?

sorry for not providing the information ,
i would like to perform this action from my go daddy server to local machine through internet .
i am prepared a manual contain the software information in the i provide the options if user want to in install click on the html manual then it download and install with out ask it to client ,finally it show a pop up installed success fully . and if user want to update then they click update button all the files installed before are update with new files in the server automatically and popup with update successfully.

That is my exact requirement. hope you understand the issue and please assist me.

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The easy answer is "no".

by TobiF In reply to Thanks for your informati ...

Since GoDaddy deals with domain names, I believe that "GoDaddy server" should be understood as "web server".

Almost all web browsers will double-check with the user before they run locally a program that has been obtained from the internet. It's about security.

In addition, most Vista and Win7 systems will ask the user to confirm before running installation programs, especially if the installation file doesn't have any embedded certificate from a well known software house.

So, your best bet would be to include information on your site about the possible hurdles a user may need to pass through when they want to install your software.

But, what stops you from putting the html manual directly accessible on your server, so that a user simply can browse it?

And then you can provide a zip file with all pages of the manual in case a user wants to access a local copy.

You mention that this is a manual for your software. Now, the user will anyway install your software, why don't you include the manual directly in the software intallation package? (You could even offer two different downloads: One with just the software, another with software and documentation...)

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