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Remote (LAN) File screening and Management

By chaniska ·
Any one knows or uses a tool that you can remotely manage LAN PC Hard disk storages?

I need to do file screening on Local PC's (similar to FSRM) to prevent users saving some file formats on their local PC's.
EX: Allow Users to save .txt files but don't allow them saving .xls or .doc in My Documents and Desktop and etc for security related reasons?

Is there anything I can use that will help me manage this centrally than doing it on each PC?
Thanks in advance

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Active Directory

by robo_dev In reply to Remote (LAN) File screeni ...

Group Policy

You force your users to only use text files for everything? (You must be very popular with your users)

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TweakUI or registry

by JPElectron In reply to Remote (LAN) File screeni ...

For Windows XP there is this utility TweakUI that allows you to change the location of user folders, for example make c:\documents and settings\username\documents be h (network drive) instead

You can also change this in any other OS via the registry

You can enforce this via group policy, or via the login script; run a .reg which will enforce the path every time, or move all files from the local mydocs location to the network home drive location.

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by chaniska In reply to Remote (LAN) File screeni ...

Not Notepad files. It was just an example.
Basically i want to prevent users from Saving (copying) work files from file server to their local PC's
As long as i can restrict excel and word files and etc been copied like this i'm ok.

Using Win 2008 R2 for Server and Win 7 for local PC's

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