Remote Laptop Backup

By deerek11 ·
Hello I am searching for a solution for our remote laptops users. We have a small network with a windows 2003 server in place, but a lot of our users work outside of the office, I am looking a for solution that can either need no user actions or very few actions to backup data on the laptop. We was thinking of setting up VPN for each laptop and map a folder on the server to there system and request the user to copy and paste there my documents into the network folder once a week, wanted to see if there was a better option?

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You can download network magic.

You can make your own place for data so that you can log in anytime from anywhere (as long as you have network magic on the systems.
Network magic:

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You can use windows built in Sync

by Kenone In reply to Remote Laptop Backup

its free but kinda kludgy. I have had good luck with Sync Toy, also from MS also free. You can pick any folder/dir/drive to sync in any direction.

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Druvaa inSync - Remote Laptop Backup

by pauljacobs In reply to Remote Laptop Backup

Take a look at -

Its a PC backup offering targeted at mobile workforce. Simple installation, bandwidth scheduling, client-triggered backup architecture ... etc

AND The product uses de-duplication to save single copy of duplicate content and claims to save 1:10 time, bandwidth and storage.

Take a look at the whitepaper -

and the demo -

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