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    Remote mail and netbeui


    by chrish ·

    I have a 95 workstation dialing into an Exchange server5.5 using Outlook97 remote mail.I have many machines doing this and working fine. One laptop will only work if I use TCP/IP. When I attempt to use only netbeui it connects but messages are not sent or received. I don’t get any error message.Using tcp/ip is very slow and undependable.Everything seems to be setup correctly(I do this all the time). If anyone has a suggestion I wold appreciate it.
    Chris Hughes

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      Remote mail and netbeui

      by al hedstrom ·

      In reply to Remote mail and netbeui

      Chris –

      NetBEUI is not routable. Chances are, there’s a router between that laptop’s modem and the Exchange server. Therefore, set it up for only TCP/IP – at least when it needs to talk to the network via modem.

      Al Hedstrom

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