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    Remote office accessing our server


    by ismailsh ·


    I am noticing a strange problem in our network. If a user from a remote site tries to connect to a server in our network (which is behind the firewall), he is unable to connect or ping it (All rules and routing in the firewall are ok). If Igo to the server and ping the remote users IP address, then he is able to connect/ping our server. So each time I restart my server, I have to ping the remote user IP address for him to be able to connect our server.

    Any solutions or suggestions please?

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      Remote office accessing our server

      by d_v ant ·

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      When the user attempts to ping your server, is it by name or by IP address? It sounds like a name resolution problem. If he can ping by IP address, then put an entry in the hosts table for the remote user pointing to your server. You may want to trythis anyway, regardless if the ping works. The remote PC will attempt to connect to the IP address supplied in the hosts table first.

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