remote office backup software.

By lisun88 ·
hi all,

ive 8 workstations working with me and ive no idea how to make them all do backup everyday since the data are kinda impt.

what if the next day their hard disk crushed and all data went missing?

some have no knowledge on schedule backup. and some work till late night and do not be able to backup on their own in the end.

i came across the net that there is a remote office backup software.

or shld i jus install another extra hard disk into the machine?

anyone had any recommendations or suggestions to share with me?

thanks so much.

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Well it depends on what you have here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to remote office backup soft ...

If these are Networked you can set them to save their Data to the Server if you have one here. Then set the Server to perform an Auto Backup when it suits your Needs.

Failing that you can install Backup Software on each computer and have them backup to a single computer on the Network then perform regular backup's from there.

Any Backup Software should work and be able to be set to perform this operation but for a Complete DR Plan you should make sure that whatever you backup with and to can be recovered from New Hardware and OS in the case of a complete loss like what happens in a Fire/Flood. You should also have an Off site Storage for your Backup's and more than 1 Media to store the Backup ed Data on as media can fail or get Lost/Stolen.


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by lisun88 In reply to Well it depends on what y ...

i don wan to involve with the servers at all.

not all staffs have knowledge on how to back up their data. what if they mis-handled?

remote office backup software suitable?

or other recommendations and suggestions?

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Well simply you don't give them that option

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to but

You set the Computers to perform the Backup automatically to the Server and then the Server to Automatically perform regular Backup's as required. Something like a Full Backup once a week and Incremental daily. Or more often as required.

Just because the Workstations are backed up to the Server doesn't mean that the End Users have to have a hand in this. The System can do it in the Background without anyone knowing what is happening.

Though to be fair depending on when this is done there may be a slow down of the Individual Computers and the Network Speeds or Transfers Speeds. If the computers are left running 24/7 then program the workstations to do this after hours and the Sever to to perform it's backup first thing in the Morning for instance.

If the computers are turned off after work then maybe during Lunch is an ideal time to do this. AS for possible Software anything will do depending on what you are planning for here something as simple as the Windows Backup Utility may be sufficient or you may chose to go with another application that will allow you to recover your Data after a OS Upgrade.


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