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    Remote Office Setup….Charge?


    by diaz_leo ·

    This is a basic question and hoping to get ‘ballpark’ figures from you guys. I know all the factors that come into place such as location, experience, etc. but give me an answer based on YOUR thoughts. What would you charge a client to setup a remote office which would include:

    one domain controller
    5 users
    networking/connectivity to main office

    These are just the basic requirements so you can get an idea of what I mean. Let me know. Thanks

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      Very ballpark…

      by steve.marshall ·

      In reply to Remote Office Setup….Charge?

      OK, need to make some assumptions with the information you have given me.

      1) The company requiring the service will perform basic remote support functions when the office is established.

      2) You will be performing the base configuration for the DC but once installed it will be maintained and finally configured by their IT department (Can’t believe they will give you admin access to their domain).

      3) you will be performing on-site maintanence for issues unresolved by remote support.

      4) Hardware costs are irrelevant, I am assuming the kit will be ordered and delivered by the parent company. (Ref: DC and VPN)

      The DC will be very simple to configure as it will be joinign a domain, so should take no longer than 1/2 day assuming VPN etc is established.

      Configuring of the VPN is likely to be simple too, as it is likely that this will be preconfigured based on information from their ISp relating to IP adressing etc. In theory it should be a plug and go scenario, with some minor trouble shooting of the config if it doesnt work out of the box. Therefore another 1/2 day.

      The 5 users “should” be established on the domain ahead of time and details of their logon’s passed on to them, but you may be needed to plug in the desktops and do some minor trouble shooting of client printers etc at the offset (depending on how their policies are configured) so another day for that.

      All in all this “could” be done in a single day, 2 days with minor issues, 5 days if the above assumptions are inccorect and you are required to configure the VPN/DC in full.

      Actual costs…

      Not sure what your usual day rate is, the average (whilst I was in the US) was around 400-1200 USD if you want to keep a good relationship with them (albeit that their reliance on you “should” be minimal after the install) then aim at 500/day, if ya wanna take your money and run then look at 900+/day, follow both of these up with a maintanence contract offering of around 1500$/month for 10 incident calls and 1 day/2 weeks on site support

      IF you are asked to establish the ISP, build the DC, configure the firewall and build out the clients we are talking a completely different kettle of fish… but that would require a more exhaustive post…

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      Very ballpark…

      by steve.marshall ·

      In reply to Remote Office Setup….Charge?

      Sorry for double post.

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