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Hi I know this question ha been asked but they just don't seem to be able to provide the info I need. I have a client who has a home office. They also have 3 remote offices. All users currently connect to the home office through terminal services and are un-managed. We have an SBS 2003 server as a file server and a 2003 sever as a terminal server. They are using Great Plains. One of the remote offices has grown big enough to require watching after about 7 users. I currently have a branch office VPN connection to that office but I'm looking at bring them into the fold so I can manage them better. I need to know what the best way to do that would be. I'm getting all new computers for them, should I put them on the domain, would that be reasonable from a bandwidth stand point? And if I put them on the domain should I also install the app on there workstations or just have them continue to use terminal services. Or should I not put them on the domain and just load management software and keep things the way they are?
Thank you very much for your help

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by nicole In reply to Remote Office

If they've grown to a point where they are hard to manage, I would give them ASA boxes, or something similiar. ASA is like a seperate box connected to their router which gives them a lan-to-lan connection using VPN. The machines would be viewable on the network, just like if they were in-house. No need for them to login using a vpn client, it is all configured on the asa box. You can definitely have them on the domain, which doesn't cause bandwidth issues.

I have worked with several home users and even medical facilities who are on lan-to-lan vpns. They use fat-client programs which require a bit of bandwidth, but for file sharing & Great Plains I would think it should work fine.

Are they complaining of slowness when using terminal services?

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