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    Remote print management in Win 2003/2000


    by k4k ·

    i have few Win NT 4.0 server acting as Print Server. using print devies from HP 4200 Series.

    Now i have 2 scenarios , first is i have to migrate these print servers to Win 2003 Print Servers. how do i do this wht are the tools that i could use for this migration.

    second is how do i configure print servers in Windows 2003 environment remotely. i have to configure printers remotely using HP web Jetadmin . these printers are at numerous remote locations across different states.

    any best guidelines

    Thanks in Advance..

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      Reply To: Remote print management in Win 2003/2000

      by chris.. ·

      In reply to Remote print management in Win 2003/2000

      You might consider just an inplace upgrade of the OS. That will allow Windows to retain the general system configuration. Now if you’re using new hardware, just conduct a normal installation.

      As for remote configuration, I’m not sure what you mean. You can use Terminal Services to connect and configure the systems for non-TS specific (e.g. Application Mode) and non-initial build loading.

      Make sense?

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