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    Remote Profile can not view jpg files


    by thenicesmile1 ·

    Have a remote profile in Windows XP Pro that is unable to view jpg files. Administrator account can view but remote profile can not. I found a registry key to change under HKey_Local_Machine/Software/Microsoft/Shared Folders to change the permissions and I have done that and rebooted but the remote profile still can not view jpg’s. Issues a message “restrictions are in effect on this computer”.
    Anyone have any other ideas? Appreciate the help!

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      Reply To: Remote Profile can not view jpg files

      by bhatnagar_nitin9 ·

      In reply to Remote Profile can not view jpg files

      Well, there are some security policies being applied on the computer. You need to check whether the roaming profiles are given administrative rights or not. I suppose you should also redefine the jpg file associations through the folder option->file types tab. That’s the safer way of reassociating the restricted types.

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